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Ometa Power Portable Power Station 330W

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Ometa Power: Power, wherever, whenever.


Our Ometa Power portable power stations are a 330W power source for on the go. Whether you need it for camping, work, hiking, road trips and more, this portable power station is for you. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, this is the perfect power solution.


Designed with a DC output, cigarette lighter output, USB-C output, USB-A output and AC Output, charge or use any of your essentials on the go! At Ometa, we have covered almost every possible adapter source to ensure you can use the Ometa Power portable power station no matter what device you are using.

Using the Ometa Power cannot be easier with a user-friendly interface, with button control. Simply turn on or off the power output source you would like to use by pressing the button above or beside the chosen output source. It also comes with an LED light, so that you can use it in dark spaces.

Before you use the Ometa Power portable power station, it’s important to charge it fully. Then you can start to use your Ometa Power wherever, whenever. Once the power source has been drained of power, plug the Ometa Pure back in, charge fully and go again. The Ometa Pure has an LCD display where you can monitor closely the battery life, using the battery level indicator! When out and about, you can charge the Ometa Power station using your car cigarette lighter plug, or a solar panel! Meaning you are not stuck for options when on your travels and run out of charge.

The Ometa Power portable power station is small and compact, meaning it is easy to carry despite being so powerful. We know that being able to transport the Ometa Pure power station with ease is key, so we have made the power station compact, light-weight and with a handle.

What it Powers?

At full charge, the Ometa Power is the perfect power source solution for on the go. But we are often asked, what can it actually charge/power?

Well, in fact the Ometa Power is powerful enough to power/recharge the following electronics:

  • Laptops [41.4Wh] (approximately 5.9 recharges)
  • 32” TV [60W] (approximately 4 hours)
  • CPAP without heater humidifier [15W] (approximately 16 hours)
  • Go-Pro [5.9Wh] (approximately 41 recharges)
  • Floodlight [4W] (approximately 61 hours)
  • Mini Fridge [40W] (approximately 6 hours)
  • Drone [89.2Wh] (approximately 2.5 recharges)
  • Smartphone [10Wh] (approximately 24 recharges)

This is just a few of the many electrical items that you can use the Ometa Power for!

Output Options

The Ometa Power Station has been designed with various power output sources to cater to many electrical goods.

USB Output

The USB-A and USB-C output ports are perfect for charging your phone or ear-pods on the go. If you are using the Type-C plug socket for something else, you don’t need to wait around. Utilise the USB ports to its full capacity.

Cigarette Output

Even in 2022, many car accessories such as tyre inflators, come with a cigarette lighter adapter. Therefore, with Ometa Pure, we made sure we included this in the design process. A tyre inflator is perfect for blowing up a camping bed if you are out exploring if you have the correct accessories, so why not bring the Ometa Power with you on your travels?

AC Output

The AC output is perfect for those with a Type-C plug (standard UK 3 pronged) and can power any electrical goods or adapted with the standard UK plug.

Who can use it?

At Ometa Power, we believe in non-restrictive use of the Ometa power station. Anyone can use this portable power station. However, we have found that certain groups of people really benefit from using a portable power station.

The Explorers

If you love to travel and explore outdoors, there’s no need to be limited with what you can do. Camping is great fun for all, but make your experience even better with the Ometa Power Station! Charge your phone and camera and take photos of long-lasting memories without any worry. Use cooking essentials like a kettle or portable hob on the go. Inflate your blow-up bed using an electric pump. It also comes with an LED light, so that you can see in the dark.

The Workers

Construction workers can often find themselves relying on their power tool batteries to get them through the day, even bringing 3 or 4 with them to work every day! With the Ometa Power Station, you don’t need to worry when you can charge on the go. Use corded power tools with ease.

Working on the go for some is an essential part of the job, travelling and moving around. The Ometa Power Station ensures you can do your job wherever you go. Don’t worry about your laptop dying on you, as long as you have an Ometa Power!

The Organised

Life can be unpredictable. We never know what is around the corner. That’s why the Ometa Power Station is perfect for the organised. If there is a power cut or emergency, the portable power station when fully charged can be a powerful tool to get you through the unexpected.

General Specs

Rated Capacity: 288.6Wh

Weight: 3.3kg


Recharging input voltage: 12-24V

Recharging input power: 60W

AC/DC Adapter: 60W Max, AC 100-240V (50Hz/60Hz), DC 15V, 4A

Solar Charge Input: 12-24V, DC 5A Max

Car Charger: DC 12V, 60W Max


AC Output Voltage: 230V/50Hz

Rated Output Power: 330W

Output waveform: pure sine wave

Overload Protection Power: 360±20W

Cigarette Lighter Socket Output: 12V/5A

Wireless Charger: 5W

USB Output: QC3.0/18W

Output Type-C: PD20W


Standard Capacity of Cells: 3.7V/78000mAh

Discharging Temperature: 14 to 11 3°F (-10 to 45°C)

Recharging Temperature: 3°F (-10 to 45°C)



Width: 20.5cm 
Length: 15.5cm
Height: 16.5cm

NOTE: Some of our sofas/sofa beds do not have pre-drilled holes, you may be required to screw in the legs to the underside of the sofa/sofa bed”

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