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Coffee Table Chic: Styling Tips for Your Living Room Coffee Table

The good old coffee table - an often overlooked centrepiece to the living room, though a must have for any space for those wanting to relax any time of the day. Just because it is often taken for granted, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend the time considering the right coffee table for your space - and then the subsequent styling of it.

We detail below some key considerations on making sure your coffee table seamlessly fits into your space as well as the different ways you can change up the vibe based on a few core elements.

Start with space size

Knowing your space size is key to understanding if a coffee table is for you, and what size you may be looking for. You’ll need to consider the ability to walk past the table, potentially on all sides, and if you go for a glass top you’ll definitely want to give more space than you think - your shins will thank you!That being said, just because you have the space, doesn’t mean you need to use it. Larger coffee tables can often become over cluttered and quite quickly lead to your living room looking hectic when you want it to elicit vibes of calm and serenity, for some anyway.

The Power of Balance

The coffee table isn’t just that, it can have drawers for additional storage, intricate patterns to add something more aesthetically pleasing or lighting to set the tone of an evening in front of the television.

Depending on the style you go for, and the overall design of the room it is going in, you will want to consider the permanent fixtures that stay - think things like flowers, tissue box, a plant, coasters etc. Whatever you style it with, try to incorporate items of different size, shape and height to make everything feel a little less clinical.

Evolve and Update

One great thing about how you style your coffee table is the ability to easily change this over time, perhaps season to season to suit the changing use of the living space. Think adding a nice scented winter candle over the festive period, or some colourful flowers in the springtime to make sure that your space always feels fresh. 

If the table itself isn’t doing it for you anymore, then perhaps it is time to get yourself a new one that fits your evolving needs - you’ll be surprised how well they can hold their value if you look at reselling your piece second hand, plus with great prices here at Home Detail, you’re only ever a few clicks away from your next bargain coffee table.


We have to admit it - the coffee table is never first on the list of things to buy or consider when redoing a room, sizing up when moving homes or looking to switch up styles, but it shouldn’t be long behind your big hitters like sofas, chairs, drawers and TV stands. .

Styling your coffee table allows you to make it your own, without needing to break the bank on something super fancy to fit your taste and we hope that our insight here proves that to you. So if you’re looking for the next piece to round off the living space then check out our range of coffee tables and grab one that you can style up in no time!

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