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Velvet Sofas - UK

Add a touch of luxury and pizzazz to your living room with our elegant, soft velvet sofas. They are the perfect furniture piece for those wanting to indulge and unwind after a long day of work.

Whether you're looking for the traditional and timeless design of a velvet sofa in soft neutrals, or you want to make a statement with the contemporary design of a crushed velvet sofa in bold colours, we've got you covered!

At Home Detail, we provide high-quality furniture and a wide range of style choices available in multiple colours at affordable prices.

Shop from our latest collection of the best velvet sofas in the UK, available for online purchase with free* and fast delivery throughout the UK.

The Inimitable Allure of Velvet Sofas

Velvet is traditionally a luxurious fabric that is both a classic and trendy choice. The material has a rich history rooted in royalty, making it a popular furniture upholstery fabric to this day. If you’re looking for that decadent and regal look, sofas in velvet are a perfect choice.

Whilst historically made of silk, modern velvet is typically woven from different types of yarn, including cotton, wool, linen, and synthetics. Our sofas feature the most decadent velvet – a gorgeous blend that offers durability in a soft, plush fabric that you can just sink into.

While the royal look may have given rise to the famous blue velvet sofas, new trends have seen more contemporary and unique colours take the stage, such as green, grey, and rose. We offer beautiful velvet sofas in classic traditional styles as well as modern styles tailored for contemporary homes.

Our Range Of Velvet Sofas

We offer a wide range of large to small velvet sofas with UK-wide delivery, all designed to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Within our broad collection, you'll find an array of stylish colour options. The new velvet sofa colours you may find in our range include classic navy blue, midnight blue, teal, light grey, dark grey, rose, forest green, and more.

So, whether you prefer the neutral tones of a light or dark grey velvet sofa or you're looking for a green velvet sofa for your UK home to truly make a statement, Home Detail has what you need!

With our wide range of velvet sofas, there’s a colour and design out there that’s the ideal fit for you. Whether you opt for our single velvet sofa chairs or curate an entire velvet lounge suite, you'll find the missing piece for your living space with us.

Peruse our fantastic collection of velvet sofas online at Home Detail to find the ideal choice for your home.

New & Old Styles Of Velvet Sofas Available

We offer a wide range of velvet contemporary sofa designs, curated to suit almost any living space — from the bedroom to the living room and beyond.

Chesterfield Style

If you're after classic velvet sofas for sale in the UK, look out for our Chesterfield-style velvet tufted sofas, complete with a plush quilted backrest, scrolled arms, padded armrests, and seat cushions filled with foam for ultimate comfort. Our velvet button-back sofa range includes vintage designs that stand on antique wooden turnip feet, as well as more modern designs with sleek, minimalistic wooden legs and nailhead trims.

Lawson Sofas

If you're looking for a fabric velvet sofa with a simplistic, modern design, our Lawson sofas may be better suited for your décor. This mid-century style soft velvet sofa range is characterised by short armrests that sit lower than the back, rolled arms, gold-plated metal legs, and plush, removable foam-filled cushions.

Tuxedo Style

If you're after a mid-century style but prefer a symmetrical look, the Tuxedo sofa style is a perfect choice. Featuring boxy designs, the tuxedo sofas in our range of luxury velvet sofas in the UK have padded armrests (instead of additional cushions) that are the same height as the back. These sofas sit on wooden feet and can even feature gold detailing.

For a more sophisticated look, we also offer a selection of tuxedo sofas that feature large padded back cushions and a comfortable padded seat, complete with matching bolster cushions, a pull-button design, and wooden legs.

Knole Settees

For a truly unique look, opt for a Knole velvet studded sofa design that features a deep seat, tall angled armrests, diamond button tufting on the cushioned back, and square wooden legs.

Sizes for Every Space

Perhaps you need a small velvet sofa in grey to create a cosy reading nook in your bedroom or a large velvet sofa in black for your family lounge. At Home Detail, we have a sofa size for every space!

Whether you seek velvet loveseats, velvet settee sofas, or 3-seater and 2-seater velvet sofas in the UK, Home Detail's selection of modern velvet sofas in a range of sizes is sure to have what you need. Our collection includes large 3-seaters ideal for families, medium 2-seaters, and smaller units, such as a 1-seater and a 1.5 seater, which are perfect for a home office or bedroom.

Versatile Colours

Our range of luxurious velvet sofas features an array of timeless colour options to match various interior colour schemes. Below are just a few of the colours available in our velvet sofa collection:

Whether you're after minimalist velvet grey sofas or striking green velvet sofas in the UK, shop from Home Detail's velvet sofa range for ample choices and free* & fast UK-wide delivery.

What To Consider When Buying A Velvet Sofa

When you shop online for your new velvet sofa, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that you select the perfect sofa for you:

  • Size is possibly the biggest factor to consider. It’s crucial to check if the sofa will fit comfortably in your living room or bedroom. Be sure to measure your space more than once and take note of the maximum capacity — you'll want to pay close attention to the width and depth.

  • Colour is a simple but important factor to consider to ensure your new velvet sofa complements the aesthetic and style of your living space. Selecting a neutral option like a grey velvet couch is a popular and safe choice, but if you like a contemporary and bold look, a bright pop of colour from an accent piece like a green velvet couch can really transform a room.

  • Seating style is also important to think about to figure out what design would suit your space best. Perhaps you’re looking for a small 1-seater to create a new reading nook. Alternatively, you may be looking for a luxury centrepiece like a large velvet Chesterfield for a sophisticated office space.

Whatever you're looking for, you can rest assured that we have the luxury velvet sofa for you — complete with fast and free* delivery.

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