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Velvet Sofa Bed

If it's a sophisticated style you're looking for, but you don't want to compromise on the practicality of a good, versatile sofa bed, then we have the perfect option for you — a velvet sofa bed.

Our sofa beds are made from velvet range in style and colour. Shop online with Home Detail and enjoy free and fast delivery on your new sofa bed!


Flexible Furniture at its Best

Whether used as a couch or as a single bed for when you have family or guests over, a sofa bed from Home Detail is designed with comfort in mind.

Our sofa beds feature a generously filled seat and backrest to be extra comfy when sitting or sleeping. This makes it a fantastically versatile piece of furniture for any home.

Everyone knows about the practicality of sofa beds, but it is seldom that you find one in a style and material this elegant.

Where Functionality Meets Fashion

Velvet is a fabric that adds a sumptuous touch to any room. The lustrous sheen is unlike anything else!

A velvet sleeper couch from Home Detail will make a great addition to any home where there is attention to detail in the styling and interior design of each room.

Previously retro, this material is now in style and ready to give your space a unique modern finish.

A Material for Any Style

To make the most of the sophistication that velvet offers, our sofa beds are designed to complement modern and traditional homes.

An example of this for a contemporary room is in our sofa beds that use track arms. These boast clean, straight lines and make a bold and refreshing statement through the stylish shape.

For a room that is more traditional, our Chesterfield style sofa beds are perfect, with buttons elegantly tufted on the back and arms.

Depending on the colour you choose, the soft sheen will perfectly complete almost any space — either by seamlessly matching regular furniture or by posing as a focal point or accent piece. Balance this stunning piece with scatter cushions and throws to make the most of its aesthetic versatility.

How to Use a Sofa Bed

Unlike old-fashioned sofa beds, the unique selection at Home Detail is made with modern technology so that you never have to worry about damaging your living room sofa or your body.

The action to convert the sofa into a single bed is very simple and can be done with minimal effort. Made with an easy-to-use click-clack system, you can manoeuvre it swiftly from the upright position to the reclined and bed positions. The bed folds back to the sofa position just as easily.

Perfect for unexpected overnight guests or for spontaneous naps during the day, our sleeper couches add extra seating and a sleeping area whenever needed — whether it is placed in a big or small space in your home.

What to Consider when Buying a Velvet Sofa Bed

Such a luxurious and soft material makes for an attractive upholstery choice for a sleeper sofa, but there are things you need to think about when looking at adding this special piece of furniture to your home. These are the 4 most important things to note:


The frame used for the sleeper couch will determine how comfortable and sturdy it will be when in use as a sofa or as a bed. The ideal choice is to opt for one with a solid wooden frame, as this is will ensure structural integrity when assembled with metal brackets.

When the bed folds, this will be easier to manage with less risk of getting hurt.


The room that you intend to put your velvet sleeper sofa in is a very important consideration. This is because even though a material as elegant as this can easily enhance the interior design of a space, care should still be taken to ensure that the styles of the sofa and the rest of the room match.

It is most popularly placed in the living room, where it can be used daily. Another popular room for a sofa bed is in the bedroom where it offers a seating area for reading or your morning coffee.


One of the greatest selling points of sofa beds is that they work in spaces of all sizes.

Aesthetically, they fit in well in the living space regardless of whether the area is cosy and compact or vast and spacious in size. With that being said, 2-seater sofa beds are extremely popular for expanding smaller spaces, but measurements are imperative to make this work.

The length will remain the same when it is being used as a bed, but the width will change. This impacts the sofa position and whether or not you will need to move the sofa whenever you convert it into a bed.


The interior design of your living space — whether you choose to put your velvet sofa in the living room or bedroom — will need to match the aesthetics of this modern style.

For example, some sofa beds have wooden legs and some have metal legs — some even have a combination with gold detailing on the wood.

This, together with the overall design — if it is more traditional or more geometric in shape — and the colours will play a big part in finding the perfect match for your room.

We have sofa beds in contemporary and Chesterfield styles.

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Home Detail's Range of Velvet Sofa Beds

We offer a great selection of sleeper couches for you to choose from, whether you're looking for a 2-seater velvet sofa bed or something a little different.

Whichever style, size and seat capacity you go for, it is guaranteed to be comfy and soft and give your living room or bedroom that splash of colour and class you're looking for.


If you have a few questions before taking the plunge and buying a Home Detail velvet sleeper sofa, read our frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, contact us at and someone from our team will get back to you.

Is velvet furniture more expensive than furniture made from another material?

There is a misconception that this soft, rich and luxurious material is expensive. But what most people do not realise is that it can be woven from almost any type of yarn — including synthetic fibres and cotton — so it does not necessarily have to be made from expensive silk, as was done in the past.

Owing to this, it is not always more expensive than the average fabric sofa bed.

Are sofa beds in velvet material child and pet friendly?

Velvet is difficult to snag because it has no loose threads or raised weaves, making it more resilient than most would think. While dust and pet hair may gather, as long as you are cleaning it once a week with a brush and hoover, it will be well dealt with.

Because velvet can be woven from almost any type of yarn, such as silk, cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibres, and even a combination thereof, the ability of the material to resist stains and liquid spills would depend on what it is made from.

How do you maintain velvet material?

There is a myth that velvet is a high-maintenance fabric, but this is not true.

The hand-held nozzle on a vacuum cleaner will suffice when incorporating your sofa maintenance into your usual cleaning routine. To even out the colour and get rid of dents, folds and creases, you can stroke the sofa with an open palm in one direction.

Like leather, it is more durable than delicate and just gets better with age.

Will the colour be the same as in the pictures?

Velvety smooth and rich, the vivid colours and natural sheen are often the main drawing point for buying furniture in this lavish material.

The fabric can look a bit different when exposed to different lighting — it tends to shimmer more in the daylight and look more toned down in indoor artificial lighting. The shade may also vary when stroked by hand in different directions and angles.

Because of this, the fabric may appear slightly different in real life due to variations in lighting conditions and laptop, tablet, and mobile resolution.

The material does not generally fade easily, but to fully ensure that the colour of your comfy and chic new sofa bed does not fade, it is ideal to place it away from direct sunlight.

Is a sofa bed made from velvet comfortable?

This luscious material is not only easy on the eyes, but also on the seat. It is extremely soft and rich to the touch. When it comes to comfort, velvet is great for sofa beds that are predominantly used as sofas because you won't have a need to cover it with a throw to make up for the feel or temperature of the sofa.

As a bed, the size, width and design of each sofa bed will determine whether it is suitable for 1 or 2 guests. The wood frame and legs will ensure that it is sturdy in this form and that will add to the comfort levels significantly.

What other fabric can I get a sofa bed in?

At Home Detail, we have a variety of quality sofa beds for you to choose from, including those in fabric and in faux leather.

Browse our sofa bed range to find the one that meets your size, seat capacity, design, and comfort needs.

Shop online with Home Detail to find the perfect velvet sofa bed for your space!

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