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Faux Leather Sofa

A high-quality faux leather sofa is a great addition to any area in your home.

No family room is complete without a sofa and by choosing this versatile upholstery option, you have a world of possibilities at your fingertips. One of the many great things about faux leather is that it is available in great designs and colours with excellent benefits such as durability and easy maintenance.

Home Detail is your trusted online supplier of contemporary furniture in the United Kingdom. Browse our collection of sofas to find the perfect faux leather settee for your style.


Why Choose Faux Leather Furniture?

There are so many options when it comes to the material to choose for sofas and faux leather is amongst the top few for a number of important reasons.

Depending on the size, design, and feel that you're going for in your living space, faux leather can easily fit in with your other upholstery and will align with the look of almost any interior — whether you're after something soft and subtle or bold and bright, whether you're keen to add a pop of colour or prefer more natural tones.

There are many great reasons to go with faux leather in your living space — so let's have a look at some of the major benefits of this durable and stylish material.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Unlike real leather sofas, synthetic leather sofas do not need to be regularly treated with special cleaning products, oils and creams. These products are often expensive and the process of using them for the upkeep of your furniture can be tedious and time-consuming.

Most high-quality sofas made from faux leather, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. It is a simple process and can be done in no time at all and with very little effort.

Faux leather certainly leads the way when it comes to which sofa is easier to keep clean. There are no covers to wash or impossible zips to fasten. All you would need to do to keep your sofa clean is use a soft cloth and wipe the surface — either dry or damp, depending on what was spilt onto it.

Another great advantage is the fact that faux leather does not absorb any odours. So no need to bring out the air freshener and sterilise your couch seat for a clean feel and smell if you're a smoker or if you're in a house with pets.

There are various ways that faux leather is created and different types of materials can be used as the base, so make sure to read up on the exact material that your sofa is made of to get the best results when cleaning.

Cost Effective Price

If you want to save some money on your sofa without compromising on beauty and design, then a high-quality faux leather piece is the ideal option for you. Leatherette is a lot more affordable because all of the products used to create it are synthetic and do not require all the processes that go along with the manufacturing of real leather.

At Home Detail, you can find faux leather sofas for up to half the price of a genuine leather sofa, while still being able to enjoy all of the beauty and luxury that a real leather piece would usually offer.

For the quality, durability, variety of design and colour choices that are available, you will certainly be getting great value for money.

Cruelty-Free Sofas

Synthetic leather means that you can enjoy your home in all its beauty and style without any feelings of guilt.

Because the modern faux leather sofa uses 100% synthetic material that is free of animal byproducts, you don't have to worry about what is behind the processes that lead to your comfortable sofa. For this reason, faux leather is also referred to as 'vegan leather', which appeals to consumers that prefer not to use animal products.

So if you're choosing faux leather for your sofa, you can do so with a clear conscience.

Luxurious Look & Feel

Gone are the days when faux leather looked overly synthetic and plasticky. With advances in technology and industry know-how, our faux leather sofas have the same soft feel and look as real animal leather. There is no hard or artificial feel because it is made to have a supple and soft texture.

High-quality faux leather manufacturers spend a great deal of time working on the detail of the material, so you can easily find the detailed grain work and design that you would in various real leathers, even at close inspection. There are different types of faux leather available in our collection, so you will have a choice of which look to go for when choosing your couches.

The timeless design that you desire can easily be made from faux leather and be added to the interiors of your home with all the comfort and style that you are after. Choose a piece from our selection that will fit into your space and complement the feel of your room.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Quality standards in the synthetic material industry have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years and the durability and quality of faux leather goods have increased significantly. These pieces of furniture no longer have the bad reputation of being easily damaged or being of bad quality overall.

Today, there is none of the weaknesses that come with real animal leather (such as fading or marking easily), as everything is synthetic and made to be highly durable. Our collection of faux leather couches will resist cracking over time when taken care of properly and are made to withstand scratches and scrapes. There is also no peeling when using an artificial material like this.


The range of designs are endless and you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your high-quality faux leather couch from our collection. Whatever your interior needs in whichever room or space in your house, you will find something at our online store to fit your style.


Our range has everything from timeless and classic designs in muted tones to modern pieces that are singing out loud in bright colours with absolute finesse.

The colour options available to you are endless when it comes to synthetic leather because the material can be easily dyed and manufactured into various designs.

Whatever your interior style, you will surely find something in our leatherette collection to suit your taste.


When deciding on a design, note that couches can have legs or a solid base. If the design you have your eyes on has legs, they will traditionally be in the form of a strong metal or wooden frame or be covered in the same faux material as the couch.

There are also different seat preferences. Some prefer a seat that is deep while others prefer something more chic and streamlined; some like a sofa that is plush and soft, while others like a firmer seat.

With all of these size and detail options, you will surely find the ideal piece to add to your furniture collection in our range of faux leather sofas.

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Where to Place Your New Favourite Sofa

Your latest piece of furniture, your synthetic leather sofa, will fit perfectly into any room in which you require a finishing touch or comfy seating — or both.

When choosing a synthetic option like faux leather, you'll find that there are additional options of where to perfectly place your new sofa piece.

Living Room

The most common area to place a newly-bought sofa is the space where most come to relax and enjoy a cup of tea — your living room. Whether you have chosen a modern or more classic piece, your shared living area will only be enhanced with this stylish addition.

Please note: Faux leather can become susceptible to excessive sun damage so ensure that you place it out of direct sunlight.


Who doesn't love the thought of a seated area in the bedroom?

The extra piece of comfort furniture will enhance the space and add an extra something to the upholstery and style of your room. Choose a colour that will complement the rest of the interior design and you will have a space that you will constantly look forward to coming back to.

Veranda or Balcony

A great added bonus of certain treated synthetic materials is that water damage is not an issue. This means you could use your faux leather couch outdoors on your veranda or balcony for when you want to enjoy some downtime with a fresh breeze in your hair.

You are spoilt for choice when choosing a synthetic leather couch as a semi-outdoor piece because the material is specially designed to withstand elements such as moderate rain or wind.

Stand-Alone or Statement Piece

All our sofas are designed with style in mind, so you could easily place your faux leather couch in a room such as a foyer as the centrepiece to attract all of the space's attention. Pair it with decorative scatter cushions in bold colours or a luxurious throw to truly make it pop.

Order Faux Leather Sofas Today!

With free and fast delivery to most parts of the UK, you can enjoy your new piece of furniture in no time at all.

Home Detail has a wonderful range of faux leather sofas for sale to add to your furniture collection. Our synthetic leather collection is available with a number of different colour and size options for you to choose from.

Home Detail is your go-to online furniture store if you're looking to find a faux leather sofa for sale. Browse our collection of sofas to find the couch of your dreams!

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