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Gaming Chairs — UK

The best gaming chairs offer a comfortable gaming experience along with a sleek and stylish design. At Home Detail, we have all this and more in our collection of gaming chairs for gamers, students, and professionals alike.

Whether you're looking for a cosy gaming chair or something to make being seated all day while working less harsh on your spine, you'll find the perfect computer and gaming chairs at Home Detail.

We offer chairs for gaming in a wide range of designs — whatever your preferred style, we've got the chair for you! You don't have to wait to start playing your favourite game in complete comfort.

Shop online at Home Detail for exceptional choices of gaming chairs in the UK and get free* and fast** delivery.

Why Buy a Gaming Chair?

A comfy chair with integrated lumbar support is a necessity when it comes to gaming, studying, or working. Your seating position can have an effect on your health, so a specifically designed chair with premium features can contribute to your overall wellness.

A well-made, comfortable gaming chair offers superior support, cradling your back, shoulders, head, and arms with fabric and foam to enhance your gameplay and maintain your posture. Our collection includes the best gaming chairs for this. With an adjustable lumbar cushion and foam neck pillow, not to mention ideal armrests, you can enhance your gameplay or take your work setup to a whole new level.

Often thought to only be for gaming, office chairs with an ergonomic design offer unparalleled seat and back support in your home office. When you have an ergonomic chair, you will find that your productivity at work will increase as you will be able to focus on the tasks at hand without distraction from that pain in the neck.

Gaming and work bliss are just a few clicks away with gaming chairs from Home Detail! Buy gaming chairs in the UK today and see how they can change your life for the better.

Our Gaming Chair Range

Every gamer knows the perils of bad build quality. If the height of the chair and armrests is not right and there is no support when gaming, this can negatively impact your performance.

Most of our ergonomic chairs are made with gaming amateurs and professionals in mind. This means that they are compatible with most types of desks, as well as with popular gaming furniture and office accessories.

Our gaming chair collection boasts a wide range of features. All you need to do is choose the best gaming chair for your unique needs. Here's what you can expect from our gaming chair range:

Stylish & Comfortable Materials

Our ergonomic collection includes brands with the best gaming chairs for PC that use premium materials like breathable fabric, PU leather, and high-density foam. All this forms a combination of pure comfort and excellent ergonomics.

From the seat to the backrest, each and every gaming chair we offer at Home Detail is made with high-quality materials, with upholstery that contributes to the comfort of your gaming experience. Fabric choice is important, especially if you spend a lot of time in your gaming PC chair.

A faux leather gaming chair is breathable and boasts an elevated style. The high-quality faux leather is perforated to ensure that the PC gaming chair is breathable. It covers the firm and plush foam cushions shaped to support you from all angles. This PU leather fabric combined with foam allows for a more pleasant experience that helps avoid overheating during those intense multiplayer games.

Extra Padding Where It Matters

When working or gaming for long periods of time on a PC, it is easy to forget to pay attention to your posture and positioning. What you're left with is pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. And this, over time, can have much more serious implications.

Many gaming chairs have adjustable lumbar support cushions positioned where the small of your back will be while using the chair. There is also typically a moveable head pillow to ensure that your neck is straight and not strained.

Not only is the shape of the back of the chair contoured to offer a natural reclining experience, but pillows and padding are also strategically fitted to give you the lumbar support you need. These are either detachable or adjustable to form the ideal headrest and backrest for the best gaming computer chairs.

Our gaming chair options are made from high-quality memory foam that is the right combination of firm and soft, providing ergonomic comfort, moulding to your body's shape and holding it in place.

Solid Construction & Build

While the adjustable ergonomic design of our gaming chair collection is meant to offer neck and lumbar support, the strength of the core and framework of the chair plays a big role in the effectiveness of this.

Features that contribute to this strong build include sturdy wooden frames and metal backrests, as well as the use of nylon and steel in the wheels and base.

Our durable gaming chair options are built to last and most have a maximum weight capacity of up to 120kg. Using faux leather and creating a strong framework ensures a comfortable chair with great support. Needless to say, our UK gaming chairs have got your back.

Ergonomics For Long Gaming Sessions

All players know that what starts with 'just a quick one' tends to become hours worth of fun, be it travelling on a quest, scoring World Cup-winning goals, or racing in the Grand Prix. But if there's anything you shouldn't play games with, it's your body posture.

Your gaming set-up should be made up to add style and aesthetics to your gaming experience — but sustainable comfort is also key. An ergonomic gaming chair features mechanisms and padding to prevent back problems and pain that are associated with sitting for long periods of time with bad posture or without adequate back support.

With the ergonomic design of each gaming chair in our collection, you can be sure of user-friendly features that will take you to a whole new level. Plus, their adjustable lumbar support goes a long way to providing you with a sustainable work and gaming stance.

Sleek Styles & Colours

You'll sometimes hear a stylish gaming chair being described as one of those racing or driving gaming chairs. This is because they look similar to the chairs in race cars, whose ergonomics are designed for extended periods of reclining.

But we all know that the functionality of a gaming chair must also be matched by sleek design in order for it to be a good chair for gaming or work. An ergonomically designed and comfortable chair is a must-have for anyone who spends long hours at a desk, be it working on the PC or playing online with friends.

While the bright accent colours might be a dream come true for most gamers putting together their space, it might not be the first choice for a home office. Our collection includes professional-looking plain black chairs for the office environment, as well as chairs with an accent colour to complement it.

When you buy a gaming chair from Home Detail, you are sure to find one that completes and enhances your space.

Sporty & Trendy Colour Trims

The best gaming computer chair can feature everything from racer stripes to modern accent colours that contrast perfectly with the dark faux leather upholstery. In fact, most gaming chairs use black or charcoal as a base colour with various accents to give it that striking appearance.

Our collection may feature the following colourways:

  • Black with bright colour accents
  • Black with white accents
  • White with black accents
  • Grey with bright colour accents
  • Versatile Applications

    While a standard computer chair that also functions as a reclining gaming chair has a stylish appearance that promises comfort, you can also opt for something that looks more like a lounge chair.

    A gaming armchair almost disguises its function by having a more solid base that doesn't always swivel, while the pop of colours tells its true nature. These cosy gaming chairs with a foot rest can make for a modern and comfortable gaming experience and don't look out of place in the living room.

    As far as reclining gaming chairs go, an armchair gaming chair is ideal.

    Features & Benefits of Our Gamer's Chairs

    The contours and shape of game chairs, put together with sturdy wood and metal, give the user a well-designed and solid foundation on which to rest. Being able to sit on this during extended gaming sessions or work meetings helps avoid the development of lax posture habits which adversely affect your health in the long run.

    But the ergonomic support of any chair is far more than the frame, contours and build. The build quality must be of the highest standards to ensure the effectiveness of a comfy gaming chair.

    In our selection of gaming chairs for sale online, you can find a number of the following thoughtful features.

    Reclining Function

    Our office gaming chairs typically allow you to recline the backrest at various angles from the standard 90 degrees to 135 degrees. A recliner gaming chair gives an extra dimension of enjoyment and relaxation and provides excellent support when not in an upright position.

    This is great for when you want to switch from working to playing a game or watching a series without needing a new seat. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

    Adjustable Height

    One of the best things about using a gaming chair is the way it can be adjusted for each user, regardless of whether it's being used to play computer games or for work purposes. The seat height of your gaming chair can usually be adjusted with the use of a fitted gas lift.

    The adjustable height and wheels mean it can be used with a range of different desks even in different rooms of the house. Adults can use it as an office chair by day and kids and teens of all heights and sizes can use it as a gaming chair by night. Kids can also use the base as a footrest if their feet don't reach the floor.

    This means that our PC gaming chairs for adults and kids are the solution for your home office or gaming room.

    360 Degree Swivel Base

    The legs of our gaming PC chairs offer a great range of motion. Usually built on a strong base, 5-star swivel legs are great for games that require panning or for those who prefer to play with dual monitors.

    High Backrest

    Our ergonomic chairs have a minimum back height of 80cm to ensure you don't develop muscle strain in your back, neck, and head.

    With this supplemented by well-designed contours and pillows, the height works hand-in-hand with the shaping of the chairback.

    Tilt Lock

    Along with the all-important reclining function, some of our ergonomic chairs also come with a tilt lock. This tilt lock control allows the user to lock the chair in place during reclining so they won’t need to apply any pressure to the chair to get it to stay in the desired position.

    Adjustable Armrests

    When choosing the best gaming chair for your needs from Home Detail's range, you may have the choice of padded or unpadded and fixed or fully adjustable armrests.

    The adjustable models tend to be favourites amongst players because they allow them to adjust the arm height independently of the chair seat height. This avoids unnecessary clashes with the desk or counter space. With some leather gaming chairs, this means that the mouse arm can be higher than the other arm while still providing something to rest on.

    Some of our chairs go one step further with 2D armrests. This means they are adjustable in two dimensions. You can adjust them in height as well as rotate them around their axis for the best angle and direction.

    For an abundance of high-quality choices, buy a gaming chair online from Home Detail. Complete your work or gaming set-up with one of our PC gaming chairs in the UK today!

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    Home Detail: Secure Online Furniture Shopping

    Home Detail offers an online shopping experience that is easy to use and efficient — which is exactly what you need when you're looking for an ergonomic chair for the home office or gaming room.

    Our customers' satisfaction is extremely important to us — and this is front of mind at every step along the way of your shopping experience with us. We believe that is what sets Home Detail apart.

    We understand the furniture market and strive to offer competitive pieces with free* delivery without ever compromising on quality. We prioritise speed and tracking with our deliveries. When you buy gaming chairs online from Home Detail, In-stock items are shipped within 24 hours and you get up-to-date tracking of your items until you receive them.

    We guarantee that when you shop online with us, our priority is exceptional quality throughout your experience — from our online store to your fast-delivered goods.

    Ordering & Delivery

    Our fast* and free** delivery ensures that in-stock items are dispatched within 24 hours so that your order is delivered by our friendly couriers within 3-10 days.

    Each gaming chair comes flat-packed with a full assembly guide and all the parts you will need to build your chair. All that's left is to put your chair together and enjoy your virtual world in complete comfort while using your new premium gaming chair.

    *Some areas may be subject to a delivery surcharge.

    **Depending on your area, it may take longer for your order to arrive.

    Recline into next-level comfort with our collection of ergonomic gaming chairs in the UK. Order yours today from Home Detail's fantastic online range!

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