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Recliner Chairs

There's nothing quite like sinking into your favourite chair after a long day and feeling the comfort and cushioning surrounding and supporting you. As you breathe out the day's stresses, all that's left is to breathe in true relaxation. Recliner chairs are the quintessential seating for relaxation, and we stock a wide range of comfortable and stylish recliners!


Shop online with Home Detail for the best ergonomic recliners for home or office use.

Ergonomic Recliner Chairs for the Ultimate Comfort

Whether your lifestyle is an active one or a sedentary one, the importance of a comfortable chair is indisputable. The proper support when resting can make all the difference for those constantly on their feet. For those needing to be seated for long periods, the correct posture and support are crucial for avoiding neck and back pain.

That is where our recliner armchairs come in.

Our reclining chairs give your body the chance to unwind and relax in the best way possible. Designed and built with ergonomics as the priority, each recliner chair in our range promises unparalleled comfort with cushions that are appropriately soft or firm and placed in the ideal places to offer back support.

Regardless of which style or design you choose for your recliner, you can rest assured that each recliner is chosen with comfort and support in mind.

Easy to Use, Easy to Relax

The secret to a good recliner lies in simplicity.

The exact method to recline and lift the chair will differ based on your chosen style. Our chairs have a manual weighted recline function, giving you control over your recliner chair position. There are clear operating instructions in the provided manual.

You can also easily put your feet up when you sit and recline, giving much-needed rest to busy or struggling legs.

Unlimited Relaxation with Durable Recliners

With seating as comfortable as our recliners, you won't be able to help yourself from using it daily. And this is why the durable nature of our chairs is so important.

From the foam padding of the cushion to the fabric used, we ensure only the highest quality materials so that you can enjoy complete, long-lasting comfort.

Shop for your faux leather or fabric recliner armchair in the UK on Home Detail.

Our Range of Relaxing Reclining Chairs

The contemporary armchair recliner includes a reclining function and comes in various styles. Look at what you can expect in our recliner chair range when browsing for the perfect design to complete your living room or home.

Colour Choices for Everyone

Whether you're looking for a classic and neutral colour combination to add a timeless element to your interior decor, or for colours that delight the avid gamer or complete a home cinema, we have a colour selection in our recliner chairs collection that ticks all the boxes.

Fabulous Fabrics

What material is the perfect recliner chair? For some, the answer is a cosy and soft tartan fabric, while for others, modern faux leather is the most welcoming fabric for a day at the desk or a night by the television.

Whichever look suits you and your interior design style best, we have the reclining chairs for you!

Attractive Additional Recliner Chair Features

While standard recliner chairs tend to offer a reclining function and a footrest, there are great extras available with some of our luxury recliner armchairs. Think padded armrests and a padded cushion headrest too!

Some also have added side pockets to give your recliner chair that extra storage space you might need for books, magazines, and TV remotes.

Adding Grandeur to Every Space

Whether the rooms in your house are big or small, and whether you need compact furniture or have the opportunity to go for bigger styles, we have recliner chairs that can turn any room into a place to relax. Create a space to unwind anywhere in your house or office with our range of comfortable, high-quality recliner chairs.

Luxury Living Room

The living room — the classic recliner chair area made for the traditional or contemporary armchair. With a recliner lounge chair, you can be comfortable when watching TV, chatting to visitors, eating, reading or napping — the options are endless!

There is a reason the living room is the most popular area to place your new favourite armchair.

Bedroom Nook

Out of all of the rooms in the house, our bedrooms are where we feel the safest and calmest. In this safe haven, we can truly relax.

With our tartan style recliner chairs, you can create a compact and cosy nook in your bedroom where you can sit and rest your body without lying down on the bed. And if tartan isn't your style, browse our recliner chair design range to find the one that matches your bedroom best.

Multifunctional Studies & Home Offices

Whether it's to ensure better posture when working or gaming, or to have a place to sit and relax when taking breaks, a study is a great place to have a recliner chair.

For smaller spaces like the study, you don't have to search far and wide for small faux leather recliner chairs in the UK. Have a look at the dimensions of each of our reclining chairs to find the right one for your study or office while still keeping in line with a professional faux leather design.

Glamorous Home Cinema

If you're ready to take the next step in transforming your living room or TV room into an exciting cinema experience, you can shop online for home cinema chairs in the UK with us and enjoy free and fast delivery on your order.

Our cinema recliner chairs are compact enough to fit more than one in a room and big enough to ensure a comfortable and immersive cinema feel.

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