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Dressing Tables - UK

Dressing tables are value-for-money pieces of furniture for your grooming rituals, bedroom storage needs, and more. Not only do they provide a dedicated space to get ready, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your room. A well-designed dresser can help you organise your beauty essentials and keep everything at your fingertips, streamlining your morning rituals.

Home Detail is an online furniture store that takes pride in offering a stunning range of modern dressing tables for UK homeowners, with a range that perfectly blends aesthetics and practicality. From contemporary designs to timeless vintage-style classics, our collection caters to every taste and interior style. Each dressing table is crafted with attention to detail, using materials chosen for their durability.

Shop online from Home Detail's stunning range of dressing tables to create that Pinterest-worthy, organised bedroom you've always dreamed of! Order on Home Detail today for fast & free delivery*.

One Piece, Many Purposes

A dressing table is more than a simple piece of furniture; it's a versatile investment that saves you space while offering high functionality. For the bedroom, you can find a contemporary dressing table with a mirror and stool that functions as a stylish vanity desk with drawers to store all your hair and makeup products, as well as other beauty essentials. No more rummaging through a cluttered room in a rush to get ready for the day ahead!

The versatility of our dressing table sets doesn't end there. As a storage solution, these sets excel at taming the chaos, providing ample space for jewellery or hair and clothing accessories. When you're not prepping for the day, a dressing table can seamlessly transition into a study desk. And beyond the bedroom, this gem can double as a sleek console table along the backside of your sofa to showcase decor pieces or in your entranceway to welcome guests with its stylish charm.

Our range of contemporary dressing tables brings a touch of both glamour and convenience to any space in your home. Embrace the endless possibilities of this versatile piece of furniture and keep your home clutter-free for good!

Our Wide Range of Dressing Table Sets

Whether you're after a 1-drawer modern black dressing table set for a touch of sophistication or a 3-drawer grey and white dressing table with modern finishes, we offer a diverse selection so you can find the perfect piece for your room. Choose from various styles, finishes, sizes and drawer options to match your needs and interior decor seamlessly.

From a complete, modern-design dressing table set to individual dressing tables in a contemporary style, each piece exudes stylishness and functionality. Transform your morning routine with a chic and elegant dressing table that reflects your style while keeping you effortlessly organised.

You can expect the following from our wide range of dressing tables:

Styles for Every Interior

Our collection boasts a wide array of dressing tables to suit every aspect of your room, from your lighting to the colour scheme. Whether you're after vintage styles, wooden dressing tables and their rustic charm, timeless and versatile designs, or something to perfectly match your room's unique design, Home Detail's diverse range is sure to have the right piece to elevate your space with elegance and functionality.

From a sleek, simple dressing table that is perfect for a minimalist look to contemporary dressing table and stool sets with mirrors, we have something for every taste.

Colours to Enhance Your Room Design

Instil some personality into your room with our diverse range of dressing tables that features an array of captivating colours. Discover the rustic allure of brown dressing tables with a modern touch, the timeless elegance of a simple white dressing table, or the contemporary charm of a classic grey dressing table.

From our wide range of dressing tables, you can find the perfect hue to complement your interior decor and create a stunning focal point that delivers on both functionality and fashion.

Sizes & Storage for a Streamlined Daily Routine

Enjoy the perfect blend of practicality and stylishness, no matter the size of your space. Whether you seek a small, compact dressing table or an expansive home dressing table with 3 drawers, our large and small size dressing table range is sure to have something that will fit perfectly in your room.

We have it all — from a shallow dressing table that provides adequate storage without taking up too much space to our generous dressing tables with 3 drawers that maximise storage to help you keep your essentials neatly arranged. Explore Home Detail's wide range to find the right size dressing table with the perfect number of drawers for your needs and room size.

An Array of Elegant Finishes

Unleash your creativity with our diverse range of dressing table finishes. Based on what you need to match your room design and accessories, choose from a painted finish modern dressing table in white, black or brown, a dressing table with wood accents, affordable and durable engineered wooden dressing tables, and much more.

For a touch of luxurious glamour, explore our metal-effect, mirror-finish dressing table options.

With our vast array of finishes, you can find the perfect dressing table to either blend into your room's decor seamlessly or make a bold statement.

The Choice of Individual Pieces or Sets

For your convenience, you can choose between individual dressing tables or opt for full sets that include modern dressing tables with a mirror and stool.

A vanity set which features a modern dressing table with a mirror and a comfortable stool that can be conveniently tucked under the table when not in use will truly enhance your grooming routine.

Whatever your preference, our dressing tables, mirrors and stools feature stylish designs to elevate any room.

Discover the perfect dressing table or vanity set to revamp your space in Home Detail's furniture range. Order a contemporary dressing table with UK-wide delivery today!

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