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Velvet Chairs

Velvet chairs are the ultimate home décor solution for furniture that exudes luxury without the hefty price tag usually associated with it. Soft to the touch and extremely versatile, a chair upholstered in velvet is a furniture piece designed to make the perfect statement in any room.

Shop Home Detail's velvet chair selection to find the design, shape, and size that suits your space best. We include free standard shipping* with our chosen couriers, and when you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a discount of £10 on your first order over £100.

Velvet is the ultimate material to add a touch of luxury to your house. Order your velvet chairs today and get free* and fast** shipping UK-wide!

The Sophistication Of Velvet Furniture

Velvet is a material like no other. Versatile in its applications, you can add a velvet chair to your bedroom or a plush pouffe in your lounge, for a pop of luxury. It may carry a long-standing association with royalty, but this fabric is more than just regal.

Today, velvet can be used in almost any type of setting, from a traditional living room or vintage bedroom to a modern office space or avant-garde open-plan apartment.

No matter the colour you choose or the room you place it in, a chair upholstered in this luxurious fabric will be a delight to use.

Your search for the ideal crushed velvet bedroom chair ends here! Browse our online collection of velvet chairs and order today for free* and fast** shipping.

Our Stylish Velvet Chair Collection

With Home Detail, you can shop for stylish chairs for every room in your house.

From armchairs to dining chairs, we have velvet upholstery options in every shape and size — and to match every price range and budget. Discover the perfect chair with velvet upholstery for your home in our range!

Elegance in Every Colour

Just one of the things that makes velvet a coveted material for furniture is the way it allows the colour to be the star of the show. Black or grey velvet armchairs make a striking statement without overpowering other colours in a vibrant living room or bedroom. You can match it up to your other décor and use accessories to introduce these colours in a subtle or vibrant way.

Our velvet chair range offers you a choice of many different colours — neutral and bright — to be matched up with complementary furniture pieces and accessories. These include:

  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Dusty pink
  • Green
  • Blue velvet
  • Whether you have a black or grey velvet chair or a bright and bold one in yellow or green, the natural sheen and texture of the fabric add a level of elegance that just cannot be imitated. Chairs upholstered in this fabric will be the showstopper in any room!

    Add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochromatic dining room by adding a set of colourful chairs and watch as your guests gush over your furniture pieces. You can also add small velvet chairs like pouffes in neutral or black to your vanity, adding a touch of opulence without disturbing the rest of your bedroom decor.

    Velvet Chairs in Trendy Designs

    Velvet chairs can upgrade any room with their luxurious look and comfortable fabric. At Home Detail, we have a range of designs to showcase the flexibility and contemporary impact of a single velvet chair.

    Add extra panache to your living room or home office with our contemporary velvet armchairs in the shape of tub chairs. We have options with piped backrests and sleek designs. You may even spot a luxurious crushed velvet chair variation – the ideal item to add that 'wow' factor when it comes to accent furniture.

    Within our collection of velvet chairs, you'll also find plush pouffes – the perfect piece of furniture to act as either an informal backless chair or leg rest. You'll find a pouffe can fill an empty pocket of decorative space, adding its velvet charms to the look of your room.

    The Perfect Velvet Seating for Any Room

    The perfect way to give a room that finishing touch is to furnish it with statement pieces that not only reflect your style but also offer comfort and functionality. A comfortable large or small velvet chair is just the thing you need to do both.

    Velvet Living Room Or Bedroom Chairs

    With Home Detail's occasional velvet armchairs, there is no chance of the seating only being used occasionally — you won't be able to get your guests off them!

    Based on the design of the rest of the room you are decorating, you could let your new vibrant or crushed velvet armchair bring in an accent colour. You can go for velvet armchairs for the living room to add a special accent to your decor. On the other hand, you could choose a velvet chair for the bedroom in a neutral grey tone to let the luxurious texture of the material shine.

    Velvet Dining Room Chairs

    Smooth to the touch, dining chairs upholstered in velvet add a certain level of luxury and elegance. At the same time, the material is also wonderfully warm and inviting to sit on.

    When it comes to dining chairs, velvet is a trendy choice. Add to this plush material gold or natural wood legs for an elevated dining experience that is utterly comfortable and sumptuous in every way.

    Velvet Seats for the Home Office Or Study

    For an aesthetic that's better suited to business meetings or a studying environment, using crushed velvet chairs as desk chairs offers a chic look compared to standard models. It will add a much-needed softness without compromising on the need for a more professional setting.

    A velvet single chair is also incredibly comfortable to work or study on for long hours, making it an ideal home office choice.

    Home Detail offers crushed velvet armchairs and more. Take a look at our selection of gorgeous velvet chairs for the bedroom, study, and dining room to find the perfect option to match your ideal look!

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    Home Detail: Shop Online From Our Selection Of Velvet Chairs

    Home Detail is a trusted online retailer supplying high-quality furniture at competitive prices. When you shop online with us, you are buying from a reliable outlet with over 3,000 positive reviews. We take the quality of our products and service seriously to ensure our customers get only the best, from ordering to delivery.

    There's a variety of furniture at Home Detail to go with your plush velvet chairs! Complement your bedroom velvet chair with a small side table, or find the perfect dining table to go with your colourful dining chairs in velvet. You could also opt for a vanity and other bedroom necessities or a desk for your study. We've got a vast selection of household furniture to help you complete every space just the way you like it.

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    Ordering & Delivery

    We include free* and fast** delivery for our velvet chairs throughout the UK, including England and Scotland. If stock is available in our selection, it's typically sent within 24 hours of your order.

    *Certain areas may include a shipping surcharge

    **Certain areas and items may have extended delivery times

    Ready to make a show-stopping statement in your house? Shop online at Home Detail for stand-out velvet chairs in the UK!

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