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Fabric Beds

If you're looking for a new bed for your bedroom, fabric beds offer you the perfect modern solution.

Browse our collection of contemporary fabric beds in the UK to find the perfect size, colour, shape and style for your room. Unlike divan beds, our beds come with built-in headboards, so all you need to complete your bedroom is a matching mattress of your choice.

Shop online for fabric beds with Home Detail for fast and free delivery!


Designer Fabric Beds for Every Style

At Home Detail, our extensive range of upholstered bed frames will have you spoilt for choice.


When it comes to wooden beds, colours are limited to certain tones. Our fabric beds, on the other hand, come in various colours — from timeless greys and blacks to vibrant blues and elegant pinks.

These colours are further enhanced depending on the fabric you choose. Velvet and chenille give the colours a luxury finish while faux leather gives it a more subtle and timeless look.


The size of your bed impacts the comfort you will experience when sleeping, but also affects all of your future bedding requirements, from the mattress to all of the bed linens. Our upholstered bed range includes a number of bed sizes: fabric single bed, fabric double bed, fabric king-size bed, and even fabric super king-size beds. These take standard UK mattresses.

With Home Detail, you can buy fabric bed frames for the whole family!

Fabric & Material

While wooden and metal beds bring their own aesthetic to a room, they are equally useful as the base for our fabric upholstered beds.

Fabrics give bed frames a certain refinement that works to complete the interior of a bedroom. Our range of materials that you can choose from for your fabric bed includes soft luxury velvet, rich chenille and faux leather. Which fabric in our range complements the style of your bedroom?


Home Detail boasts a wide range of designs when it comes to finding the perfect fabric bed frame for you. Simply browse our range and pick the bed that has the shape, built-in headboard, and foot end you like. And if you're looking for beds with storage or something a bit more offbeat, we have a stylish range of storage beds and futuristic beds with LED lights too!

But that's not all. We also stock a wide collection of fabric double beds in luxury Chesterfield style upholstery as well as simple velvet designs that will never go out of style. No matter the type of fabric beds you are shopping for, our range of styles will ensure comfort and class.

The Benefits of Fabric for Bed Frames

Whether you plan to place your new fabric bed in your bedroom or in the guest room, there is no denying the many benefits of a fabric upholstered bed frame.


Bedroom furniture needs to be durable in order to last, especially since you will sleep in it every night.

Each bed in our collection is designed to be stylish but also sturdy. Built with high-quality wood, metal, and fabric, an upholstered bed from Home Detail promises comfort and durability.


Unlike leather beds, fabric beds ensure the price range is slightly more affordable, depending on the type of material you choose.

Sometimes, rather than replacing an old and worn fabric bed, it can be cheaper to reupholster it — as the bed frame is often still in good condition.

Material beds are also cost-efficient when you consider the comfort and warmth that the soft upholstery can bring to a bedroom.


Rather than the wooden or metal frame beds of older generations, fabric beds allow you to add a touch of your personal style to a sleeping space. The variety of fabric you can choose from lets you experiment with the interior decor of your room — whether you're opting for minimalist, timeless or ultramodern, there is certainly a fabric bed to match.

Multifunctional Beds

Fabric beds offer a range of functionalities over and above that of a normal bed. What makes our upholstered beds an excellent addition to any home is that some of them are multifunctional — offering both fashion and function.

Fabric Beds with Storage

If you feel like you never have enough space in your home, a fabric bed with storage could be the answer for you. We offer two types of storage beds in our upholstered bed frame range.


An ottoman style fabric bed frame means that the entire mattress area can lift, giving you all of the space beneath the bed for storage. Because there are no partitions, you can store items of any size, from suitcases to seasonal items like heavy jackets and blankets.


We also have upholstered beds with storage drawers that pull out from the base on both sides, at the front, or both.

The biggest difference between these and the ottoman fabric beds, besides the method of accessing the storage space, is that the amount of space in each drawer is smaller. This means it is best for smaller items, as opposed to the large items that can fit under the ottoman beds.

Fabric Bed Frames with Audio-Visual Capabilities

Today, beds are so much more than what they were before — and media and technology are at the forefront of these developments.

Built-In Lights

Some of our fabric beds have LED lights on the headboard over and above the added storage solutions. These multicolour lights are operated via remote control for maximum convenience. The sizes of our LED light beds start at double and go up to super king.

Built-In Speakers

Some of our stylish upholstered bed frames include an external speaker which you can use with Bluetooth. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to ambient music to help you doze off instead!

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