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Single Bed Frames

Single bed frames are perfect if you are looking for a bed that sleeps one person comfortably but can also suit the interior design needs of a bedroom. A single bed frame supports a mattress without taking up too much space, making it ideal if you have limited space.

At Home Detail UK, we stock a wide range of beautiful bed frames for all family members — from children to adults. With a wide selection of bed sizes and styles on our online store, we guarantee that you will find the single bed of your dreams.

Shop our stylish bedroom furniture collection online to find a single bed frame with a mattress fit for your room!


Contemporary Single Bed Frame Range

We have a wide selection of beautifully designed and expertly crafted single bed frames available at affordable prices on our online store. You will find a carefully curated range of versatile kids single beds, day beds, and single beds available for guest bedrooms.

We also have a wide variety of other bedroom furniture pieces to complement our single beds and help inspire your interior decorating project. In the market for mattresses too? We stock mattresses in various sizes and materials so you can get all your bedroom needs in one spot!

To add even more style to your bedroom's aesthetic, get creative with adding your favourite bedding to your new bed or to multiple single beds in your guest or children's rooms.

The Classic Single Bed

Our single beds are timeless, making them perfect for guest rooms or rental properties. One of our most popular single beds, the ottoman bed, adds an element of functionality to either room because of its storage feature. With ample storage space under the mattress, it provides more space to store bedding or things you do not have space for in your room.

The single bed frames in our range also include traditional metal and wooden bed frames. There are many designs for both types of beds, some of which also have drawers, adding even more practicality to this wonderful piece of bedroom furniture.

Fun Kids Beds & Bunk Beds

From children's single beds with classic Scandinavian wood designs to mid-sleepers with funky themed designs, we offer young solo sleepers a fun place to rest and sleep. Whether you're looking for beds with headboards or beds with storage in the bed base, our single beds are carefully designed to complement the interior design of bedrooms for boys and girls.

Some of the beds in our range include solid pine wood bunk beds, standard wooden beds, single treehouse mid-sleepers, wooden beds with a house structure, single beds with storage drawers, themed wooden mid-sleepers with a slanted ladder, and single fabric beds.

Versatile & Relaxing Day Beds

We have single beds that fit beautifully in sunrooms and guest rooms. These fabric, wooden, and metal beds are multifunctional pieces of furniture that your household members or guests will love when it comes time to take a midday nap or relax with a book.

Create a Beautiful Bedroom with Upholstered Beds

Buying a new bed with a frame and mattress is always an exciting moment. Although it's just a bed, it is where you put your head down to sleep at night, so comfort is everything.

It is also the second most likely place that people like to lounge on in their house, with the couch being the primary choice. Needless to say, your lounging spot should be extra comfy!

Whether you are looking for single bed frames for younger children, older children, yourself, or guests, you will find what you need in our single bed range. There are a variety of options to choose from, including double bunk beds that are ideal if you have two children or have multiple guests over regularly, wooden or metal traditional single beds, and ottoman beds.

Once you have picked a single bed in the style and colour of your choice, you should consider the mattress that provides the most comfort.

Browse our range of mattresses — memory foam options are available

Even More Storage Options

Our ottoman collection includes single beds such as our popular Derby or Winchester ottoman bed frame, both of which fit 3FT mattresses. If you shop any of these beds on our online store, you will not be disappointed in their storage features, such as drawers. It is one of the best storage options if you don't want the bed to take up extra space.

Pair the frame with the right mattress and bedding to turn it into a centrepiece of your room. Made with high-quality fabric and structural material — such as pine wood — each bed is designed with protective bases that promise optimal comfort and support.

Materials & Colours for All Interiors

Our single beds include simple metal single beds, luxury wooden single beds, and plush fabric single beds. Each is expertly crafted with high-quality materials that suit a variety of modern interiors and are available in various colour options.

Our single wooden and metal bed frames are available in black, white, grey, and brown. There are also appealing colour options for younger children, including pink and blue.

Our fabric beds are available in grey to suit a more contemporary theme. Fabric options typically have a storage feature, such as the ottoman bed. Soft to the touch, these single bed frames are perfect for anyone who enjoys a good night's sleep in style.

Save Space in a Small Bedroom

Today, most people prefer a flat or townhouse compared to a traditional house, mainly because of housing costs, especially the closer you rent or buy to a city. Unfortunately, living in an apartment generally means less space. If you don't have ample space and what you require is functionality, then one of our single beds in your preferred style is precisely what you need.

With so many styles to choose from, you can pick a storage bed that is practical for you or your children. These single beds are also perfect for a small guest room or study if you want to fit in a bed but have minimal space.

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