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Faux Leather Chairs

Bring modern elegance into your home with faux leather seating from Home Detail. We stock a wide range of chairs, sofas and armchairs in faux leather upholstery — each adding contemporary flair and an element of modern design to your space.

Browse our selection of faux leather dining chairs, sofas, office chairs, recliners and more to find the best fit for your interior design style.

Enhance your home with an elegant faux leather seat. Order faux leather chairs UK from Home Detail for fast & free* delivery!

Our Collection of Faux Leather Recliners & Chairs

Home Detail boasts a vast collection of upholstered faux leather seats that can add a touch of comfort, class and style to any room in your home.

Our selection features the perfect combination of functionality and stunning design, allowing you to enhance any space with a reliable piece of furniture. Our upholstered faux leather dining chairs, office chairs and recliners ensure that you and your guests always have a comfortable and stylish place to sit.

This is what you can find when you shop for a faux leather lounge chair or dining chair from Home Detail:

Functional Styles

Our faux leather seat collection makes it easy to complete your home. From the kitchen and office to your dining room, we've got something for you. Get faux leather kitchen chairs for an easy-to-clean option or add a practical and comfortable touch to your office space with our ergonomic faux leather office chairs.

An ergonomic office chair with a padded seat and back can help with your posture when working. Alternatively, our faux leather gaming chairs are designed to provide supreme support for long hours of gaming. If you have a kitchen island, consider adding a comfortable pair of faux leather bar stools to carry conversations with guests or family members.

Versatile Designs for Every Taste

We continuously update our range to ensure that we're always offering a versatile selection of furniture designs that will help you reflect your personal style.

Elevate your gaming setup with an ergonomic, modern faux leather gaming chair or even a faux leather recliner sofa. Or, enhance your minimalist-style dining room with sleek high-back faux leather dining chairs.

With the versatility of our designs, everyone from the eccentric to the traditional decorator can find the ideal faux leather chair to suit their space.

Reliable Faux Leather

The sleek and stylish look of faux leather furniture can uplift your interior design. Faux leather upholstery is a vegan, animal-friendly alternative to traditional leather. But it also has other benefits:

  • Durable solution for everyday use
  • No need for specialised cleaning products
  • Won't absorb spilt liquids (making it ideal for use on dining room chairs)
  • Available in more colours than regular leather

A PU Leather Chair for Every Room

Create a luxurious workspace with a faux leather office chair that blends seamlessly into your work environment. You can also elevate your dining table with our collection of faux leather high-back dining chairs.

A smaller faux leather seat is perfectly suitable for entrance halls and bedrooms. And if you're looking for something to fill up a space in a larger room that won't detract from your modern design aesthetic, you may like our faux leather armchairs, also available with UK-wide delivery.

Add elegance to your kitchen, living room, office or dining space with PU leather chairs from Home Detail. Browse our faux leather seat collection today.

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How is faux leather made?

Faux leather starts with a fibrous base layer of fabric, which then gets a synthetic or plastic coating. This coating is usually PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride. Once ready, it goes through a process of texturising to resemble the look and feel of real leather. As faux leather is entirely synthetic, it means that there's always an option for a different colour other than black.

What's the difference between faux leather and genuine leather chairs?

Faux leather seating is made from synthetic materials, often from PVC or polyurethane, whereas genuine leather chairs are crafted from animal hides, such as cowhide. The key differences lie in their texture, feel, durability, and cost.

Faux leather tends to be more uniform in appearance and can be produced in a range of colours and patterns, whereas genuine leather has natural variations. Moreover, chairs with faux leather upholstery are generally more affordable and require less maintenance than their genuine counterparts.

Should I get faux leather or real leather furniture?

If you're looking for an authentic leather feel, then nothing beats real leather. In addition, faux leather fabric doesn't have natural pores like animal hides (leather) do, so the fabric isn't as breathable.

Black faux leather upholstery is also sensitive to extreme heat, which is something that you should take into consideration when deciding where to place it in your home.

Apart from these temperature considerations, faux leather offers a much more cost-effective option that still allows you to style your space using a leather aesthetic.

Elevate your home the affordable way with Home Detail's faux leather accent chairs and other faux leather furniture. Browse our range of modern and stylish faux leather products online and order today!

Home Detail: High-Quality PU Leather Chairs

Home Detail is a trusted online retailer that specialises in bringing high-quality, modern furniture to homeowners and interior design enthusiasts. Adding modern furniture to your home doesn't need to be expensive. With our faux leather upholstered furniture, you can easily and affordably add a sleek, refined look to any room.

As one of the largest online retailers in the UK, we also offer a wide selection of chairs, dining tables, cupboards, side tables, and so much more. This means you can furnish your entire home with modern furniture from a single retailer you can trust.

Ordering & Delivery

Shop online with Home Detail and receive fast and free* delivery in the UK on all of our products. Our dedicated team tracks all orders from dispatch until delivery and is readily available to answer your questions.

Your new faux leather chair will be delivered flat-packed with everything you need to self-assemble your chair with ease. We also have a 30-day return policy to ensure 100% satisfaction with the product.

*Certain areas and larger items may incur a delivery surcharge.

Create the space you've always wanted. Order faux leather chairs online at Home Detail today!

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