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Single Mattresses

Home Detail provides the difference between a good night's sleep and the best night's sleep — comfort and support. We offer a variety of single mattresses with extensive styles and features to choose from. Some of our mattresses even come in combinations such as semi-orthopaedic open coil spring mattresses, giving you with the best of both worlds.

All of our single bed mattresses are made to order. So when you order a single mattress from us, you are getting a brand new product that has been made just for you! All of our high-quality mattresses — single, double, small double, king & super king — are made here in the UK so we can ensure each is made with premium materials and expertise.

There is something for everyone when you shop online from Home Detail. We also include free* and fast delivery on every single mattress in our collection!


Versatile Single Mattresses for Your Home

A single mattress is the perfect choice for bedrooms for children or guest rooms. Beds shouldn't purely be for function but for comfort too. Our mattresses are designed to bring both functionality and extreme comfort to any bedroom.

Comfortable Guest Room

You don't have to compromise on comfort when you shop for a single mattress for a guest room with limited space. All of our mattresses — no matter the size — will provide your guests with maximum comfort as well as a good night's sleep.

Perfect Start to a Children's Bedroom

A single mattress is the perfect mattress size for your little one's bedroom. Whether it is their first 'real' bed or you are simply buying them another, we have the perfect single mattress for their sleeping needs at the perfect price. It is important to have a good quality mattress for your growing child — one that is durable, but that also keeps them supported. Our mattress collection offers you all of this and more.

Find the perfect option for your children and guests when you shop online from Home Detail's single mattress collection!

Our Range of Single Mattresses

Home Detail offers a wide selection of made to order single mattresses in the UK that are sure to be the best single mattress your kids or guests have ever slept on. We cater to different types of sleepers and provide mattresses of the highest quality, so you can rest assured that you won't be purchasing any old cheap single mattress when you shop online from us. Here are some of Home Detail's mattress offerings:

Single Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses and memory foam mattresses often get confused with each other. While memory foam mattresses are made using memory foam that provides soft, hug-like contouring to your body, orthopaedic mattresses can be produced using a combination of materials and serve a different purpose.

Single orthopaedic mattresses provide firmer support which prevents your body from sinking into the bed. This type of mattress is a popular choice for people who suffer from joint pains and back issues and need extra support to assist with spinal alignment.

Home Detail offers a variety of orthopaedic options with features such as memory foam and edge-to-edge support for pain and pressure relief.

Single Memory Foam Mattresses

When you think of memory foam mattresses, you associate them with pressure relief. This is because these mattresses allow your body to sink into the bed and be cushioned in its contours. These single mattresses are perfect for people who get cold at night because memory foam mattresses retain heat, unlike a pocket sprung and open coil mattress.

Memory foam is less breathable than other types of mattresses, which means there is also less motion transfer, which is great for light sleepers who share a bed with a partner.

Our memory foam options offer edge-to-edge support. This allows you to feel fresh in the morning thanks to its impressive comfort.

Single Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Our pocket sprung single mattresses are made up of individual pocket springs that move independently of each other. These mattresses are known for their breathable nature, keeping sleepers cool through the night. The mattress's top padding can be made up of various types of foam for a more comfortable night's sleep.

Spring count impacts the effectiveness of the mattress in various ways. Our mattresses are available with different quantities of pocket springs, ranging from 1000 to 2000, depending on the type of mattress you buy.

Whether it is a single open coil mattress or a single pocket spring mattress you need, our extensive range has just what you need!

Different Levels of Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is entirely user-dependent when looking for a comfortable mattress. Soft, medium firm, and firm are the common categories when it comes to mattress firmness. It is important to keep in mind that firmness and support are two different things. Firmness relates to how soft or hard a mattress is, while mattress support is about how your spine aligns with the mattress.

Soft Mattresses

When you think of a soft mattress, you think of one that gives you that sinking feeling and is ideal for people who sleep on their sides. A mattress that is made too soft will compromise the level at which you will be supported, which can make your sleeping unpleasant. All of this can be achieved through the use of single memory foam mattresses.

Medium Firm Mattresses

Medium firm mattresses appeal to most people as it offers a good balance of support and pressure relief. Those who move around a lot and change their sleeping position throughout the night will benefit from medium firm open coil single mattresses.

Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses offer some push-back through the use of high-density pocket springs or coils to provide that extra support. This allows your body to be slightly lifted by the mattress and enhances spinal support for people who sleep on their backs.

Whether you decide on a soft or extra firm single mattress when you shop online from Home Detail, you will be more than thrilled with your new mattress!

Key Benefits of a Home Detail Single Bed Mattress

Our single mattress range offers our customers a variety of choices, helping them find the perfect fit for their body shape and needs. Our collection boasts a wide range of brands which ensures you find the right mattress type for your needs and preferences.

Our single mattress range offers the following features:

Single Mattresses with Temperature Regulation

For those who get cold during the night, our memory foam single mattresses are the best choice. Temperature-regulating mattresses are ideal for those who need a more breathable mattress while sleeping. Many of our pocket sprung mattresses are designed with airflow systems that regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Additionally, some of our single mattresses have two sides, allowing you to swap between them in summer and winter, so you get the best sleep possible all year round.

Hypoallergenic Single Mattresses

Our hypoallergenic single mattress range is made from natural allergy-friendly materials that will ensure you sleep peacefully without any interruptions from pesky allergies. Choosing one of these mattresses is the perfect choice for everyone, whether you suffer from allergies or not.

Low Maintenance Single Mattresses

Many of our single mattresses have a non-turn feature which means you won't need to constantly rotate them throughout the year to avoid wear and tear.

With all these mattress features, you will be spoiled for choice when you shop online for mattresses (single, double, small double, king, or super king) from Home Detail!

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Made to Order Single Mattresses from Home Detail

Ensure a good night's sleep every time with our single mattress collection for every type of sleeper and sleeping position. Whether you need something extra firm or something that will mould to your body shape, we can make it bespoke for you at the right price.

Bring comfort to the bedroom with a new custom-made mattress made from the best materials.

Ordering & Delivery

All of our mattresses are made to order, so you will have your new single mattress within two weeks of placing your order online.

We offer fast and free* delivery throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

*Bigger orders can take between 3–10 days to deliver and certain areas have a delivery surcharge

Shop Home Detail's range of single mattresses for a great night's sleep every night!

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