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King Mattresses

We have a wide range of king mattresses made with supportive materials to ensure you experience proper relaxation, spinal alignment and, above all, maximum comfort.

A cheap king size mattress won't just give you a bad night's sleep, you will also be left with the after effects long into the future too. With the right king size mattress, however, you can get a good night's rest every night without worrying about compromising the quality of your sleep or the health of your back and joints.

With king mattresses ranging from pocket sprung, orthopaedic, and memory foam options, you can easily find a king size mattress fit for your comfort needs by assessing your sleeping position and preferences. We'll guide you below.

Browse our range to find made to measure king size mattresses that suit all your needs.


Experience Premium Sleep Quality with Our King Mattresses

King size is the one of the biggest mattress sizes in our collection, second only to the super king, which is a few inches wider.

In this price range, you are getting incredible value for money, especially when paired with a bed frame from Home Detail. A good king size mattress and bed makes for a great investment for larger bedrooms, giving you extra sleeping room for that added freedom and comfort. All of our king size mattresses are made with the highest quality materials to offer you a good sleeping experience every time.

Here is what else you can expect from our range of king mattresses.

Sleep Comfort Curated for You

If you're looking for the best king size mattress for you, Home Detail has the answer. Our mattresses are made from high quality materials that offer plush comfort and great support based on your unique needs.

We have comfortable options for all types of people — side sleepers, back sleepers, front sleepers, and combination sleepers. We also have soft mattresses, perfect for sinking into, as well as firmer options that provide healthy spinal alignment and more support for your back.

Whatever your needs, you can find the sleep solution in our king size collection.

Various Firmness Levels for Different Types of Sleepers

Our mattress options include soft, medium firm, and firm mattresses. Over and above finding a mattress that offers the best support for your sleeping position and considering factors like joint or back pain, you should also think about what you feel most comfortable sleeping on.

If you like sinking into your bed while you sleep, then a soft mattress is just what you need, especially if you don't require additional support for your back and joints. If you want a balance of plush support and pressure management, then a mattress with medium firmness is ideal. But if you need a lot more spinal support, a firm or extra firm mattress is recommended.

The Perfect Space for Two (or More!)

While queen size beds offer enough room for one person and standard double beds offer just enough for two, king size mattresses take the cake — providing ample space for two people to sleep on without getting in each other's way. This can offer you and your partner uninterrupted sleep through the night.

With all the extra space, a king size becomes the preferred option over a double bed for those who have young children or pets. This allows for more comfort when sharing space with your kids or furry friends.

Indulge in the luxury of a roomier sleep experience with Home Detail's king size mattresses and beds.

Types of King Size Mattresses

Our collection of king size mattresses includes something for everyone, including natural king size mattresses with natural fillings or hypoallergenic properties.

To find the best king size mattresses for your needs, you must consider whether the type of mattress you're looking at aligns with your sleeping position and body shape.

These are some of the mattress types you will find in our king size selection.

King Size Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our king size pocket sprung mattresses utilise supportive pocket spring layers consisting of hundreds of coils to distribute your body weight evenly.

These king size mattresses with pocket springs offer more breathability compared to other mattress types and are recommended for anyone who tends to get hot during the night. Some of our mattresses with pocket springs also have padding in the top layer made from various types of foam to provide even more comfort while you sleep.

We have a wide selection of pocket spring king size mattresses, with options ranging from 1000 to 2000 springs to ensure you can find the perfect mattress for your needs.

King Size Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam king mattress is a very popular option for anyone looking for a mattress that offers pressure relief. That's because the memory foam allows you to sink into your mattress. Providing foam comfort and extra back care, a king mattress with memory foam has more cushioning to contour and mould around your body.

If you tend to get cold more often than hot when sleeping, the king memory foam mattress is the perfect choice for you owing to its heat retaining properties. Memory foam also limits motion transfer, which makes it ideal for light sleepers who share a bed with their partner, kids, or pets.

King Size Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic king size mattresses are firmer than other mattress options. This mattress type is still very comfortable, but instead of letting your body sink into it like the memory foam alternative, it offers a firmer type of support.

If you are looking for a new mattress with an extra firm composition, then the orthopaedic mattress is the right choice for you. These mattresses assist with proper spinal alignment and are especially recommended for those who suffer from back and joint pain.

Our range includes both semi-orthopaedic and orthopaedic options, allowing you to choose something that will give you proper support and offer pressure relief at a great value overall.

Hybrid/Combination Mattress

If you fit somewhere in the middle when it comes to the mattresses mentioned above, a hybrid king size mattress (otherwise known as a combination king size mattress) will be perfect for you.

Our hybrid king size mattresses offer a combination of different types, such as a semi-orthopaedic mattress with Bonnell or coil springs, or a pocket spring mattress with enhanced spinal support and relief for troublesome pressure points. These options allow you to find a king size mattress that will suit all your sleeping needs.

Experience the luxury of more sleeping space and extra comfort — Shop online with Home Detail to find the best king mattress for you!


Which king size mattress will suit my sleeping position best?

The best king size mattress for you often depends on your sleeping position.

If you tend to sleep in more than one position during the night, a medium firm mattress is the best option for you because of its versatility. For side sleepers, a soft or medium king size mattress is best as it will provide just enough padding to cushion your shoulders and keep your spine aligned. A firm mattress will work best for a back or stomach sleeper.

Why should I buy my king size mattress from Home Detail?

When shopping for new beds and mattresses, it's very important to keep quality in mind. And with mattresses, there are even more factors to consider before making a decision.

The king size mattresses in our collection offer many benefits, including:

  • Temperature regulation

  • Hypoallergenic properties

  • Natural fillings

  • Edge to edge support

  • And more

These are high quality features and benefits that you won't find in any cheap king size mattress, but that we can offer to you at an affordable price.

How often should I replace my king mattress?

A good king size mattress can be replaced every 7 to 8 years, but the lifespan of your mattress really depends on how well you look after it.

Usually, to extend the lifespan of your mattress and prevent sagging over time, you can rotate and flip it every few months. However, our king size mattresses have a non-turn design, which means that it will remain durable without you having to turn it throughout the year.

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Home Detail: Trusted Made to Measure King Mattresses

If you need new mattresses that offer premium comfort and support at an affordable price, Home Detail can help you. As a trusted online furniture store in the UK, we know exactly what our customers are looking for in a mattress, which is why make each mattress brand new per order.

Our fantastic range of made to measure king size mattresses gives you a cost effective king size mattress option without compromising on quality or variety, so that we can offer something to meet everyone's needs.

Whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, you will find a supportive king mattress fit for you and your partner in no time when you shop online with Home Detail.

Fast & Free Delivery

We include free* delivery on our king size mattresses. We will confirm the timeline upon completion of your order, but you can expect to receive your new made to measure king size mattress within 2 weeks.

*A delivery surcharge may apply to certain areas in the United Kingdom.

Get in Touch

Do you have questions about our king size mattresses or need advice on which king size bed will work best for your new mattress?

Get in touch with our friendly Customer Support Team and we will happily assist.

Find the perfect king size mattress to ensure that every night is a good night — Shop our wide range of king mattresses today!

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