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2 Seater Sofas

Great as extra seating when you have friends around and perfect for those lazy Sundays spent watching your favourite TV programmes, a two-seater sofa is an essential part of any home. And because they are so popular, they come in a wide range of colours and styles.

Our range of two-seater couches for sale includes everything from timeless faux leather sofas and modern fabric settees to decadent velvet armchairs with tufted Chesterfield designs.

Home Detail is a trusted supplier of contemporary sofas and other modern furniture in Scotland. Our furniture range strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. This ensures our customers get the sofa of their dreams and every other piece they need to create their perfect home.

Browse our range below to find the perfect 2 seater sofa for sale

Modern Styles for Modern Homes

We have 2 seater couches for sale in different colours and designs to suit your creative eye. Our collection includes Black, Grey, Blue, Beige, and even Rose.

Our range of colours has been chosen to match any colour scheme of your home.

We know that everyone has unique tastes, so our 2 seater sofas and chairs collection is designed to suit all types of interior design styles.

Suitable for Small Spaces

Our couches are designed to bring comfort to your home even in smaller spaces. Whether you have a large area or a small one, it will complement the rest of your room design perfectly.

If you are someone who loves having family and friends over and wants to give them a good spot to sit on, buying a 2 seater sofa is exactly what you need.

Unlike big, bulky couches, our versatile two-seater settees for sale are designed to fit perfectly in a room without taking up too much space.

2 Seater Sofas for Every Room

Whether you want a velvet 2 seater sofa for a bedroom or a sophisticated couch for an office, our range of modern 2 seater sofas are versatile in their construction and style. This means they look good anywhere, whether placed in your living room, home office, or bedroom.

Browse our 2 seater sofa and chair collection to find the perfect couch for your home

Easy to Move Around

If you already have a big couch, you should know that moving it around can be tiresome and may need more than four hands to shift. With our 2 seaters, you will never need to call for help. Our couches can be moved around from the living room to the bedroom with no hassle.

Having a 2 seater couch means that you will be able to chop and change the interior of your home without having to worry about heavy furniture. These couches are lightweight so you can move them around and redesign your living space whenever you wish.

Our couches are perfect for a single person or even a family home.

Quality Material

Not only is style and colour important, but the fabric also plays a great role in your home décor. That is why we offer good quality velvet, fabric, and faux leather two-seater sofas.

The materials our sofas are made with are durable and can withstand everyday use when taken care of properly.

Modern & Affordable 2 Seater Sofas

Large couches sometimes do cost a fortune, which is why we aim to offer 2 seater sofas under £300!

Yep, it is a small price for a big smile when you have the perfect couch in your desired room!

For the great prices offered, you are sure to get great quality couches with no disappointment.

How To Choose The Perfect 2 Seater Sofa

You should know by now that couches are versatile, which means you can place them anywhere you can imagine. The next step is choosing the perfect fabric sofa for your home.

The right material can be the difference between a couch you can't seem to peel yourself off and a couch you'd rather avoid.

After deciding on the material, you will need to consider where you want your new sofa to go and how much space you have. You will find measurements for each of our sofas on their product pages.

Once you got that, you may proceed to check out our wide range of 2 seater sofas for sale. We have different shapes and styles, so make sure to choose one that will accentuate your space.

When you click on the couch that best suits your home, you will notice that we have the dimensions of the couch to make your life easier. You will also see that we may offer the same couch but in a different colour. So choose the colour of your choice and proceed to checkout.

It is as simple as that!

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