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Home Dehumidifiers

Home dehumidifiers can do wonders for your space, positively affecting everyone in your household. We offer some of the best dehumidifiers on the market, designed with multiple functions and modes for greater convenience.

These incredible devices work similarly to a vacuum cleaner, sucking in air from a room, removing the moisture from the air, and blowing it back into the room. Because the excess moisture drips into the tank, damp air and humidity levels are reduced.

With a wide range of dehumidifiers available on the market, it can be difficult to establish the best dehumidifier for your home. We've simplified the process of finding the right option for you with our effective dehumidifier range.

Get all the benefits of our dehumidifiers in both large and smaller spaces. Buy a dehumidifier in the UK online at Home Detail and get fast and free* delivery!


What can a Dehumidifier do for Your Home?

A dehumidifier is an efficient machine that can absorb litres of moisture per day, the amount of which varies from one size to the next and from how many or few hours of use it gets.

The dehumidifiers in our range are perfect for the average UK home and offer many benefits, including:

Reduces Excess Humidity & Moisture

Usually, a high humidity level indoors occurs due to cooking, showering, boiling water, how your house is constructed, and even just breathing. Aside from increased moisture levels, this goes on to cause poor insulation, lack of ventilation, and ineffective drainage.

The recommended humidity level for your home is between 40–60% during summer months and 30–50% in colder weather. If humidity levels exceed 60–70% condensation, however, damp and mould occur — and are often accompanied by bacteria, which can affect your health negatively.

Considering the size of the rooms you want to dehumidify, you can decide if a small or big dehumidifier is best. Besides decreasing moisture in the air quickly and effectively, it will also reduce humidity levels to address condensation and the damp and mould that tends to occur in kitchens and bathrooms as a result of keeping doors and windows shut.

Reduces Odours Indoors

One of the top benefits of having a dehumidifier in a house or working space is that it reduces odours indoors, leaving the area smelling clean and fresh. That's because the moisture in the air holds and traps odour, and the dehumidifier dries it out.

It can also help you get rid of a mouldy scent by drying out the air in this way. If you have a fireplace that gets used often, especially in cold weather, a dehumidifier can also remove the smell of burning wood, smoke, and ash from the air.

Prevents Dust Formulation

If there is dampness in the air in any room in your home, it becomes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and this, in turn, causes mould, mildew, and dust mites.

Dehumidifiers address this moisture in the air to rectify dampness, discourage bacteria growth, improve air quality, and provide allergy relief. Since mould can cause respiratory infections and aggravate allergies, a dehumidifier can be a good investment for long-term health.

The best dehumidifiers for your home are just a click away. Order online from Home Detail today!

Features of our Dehumidifiers

The compressor dehumidifiers in our range are complete with many extra features, from the easy-to-use display that makes it simple for anyone to operate to the high-quality castor wheels that allow you to effortlessly glide it from one room to the other.

So whether you're looking for something with a child lock or a low noise level, you can find the right dehumidifier for your living space and your home's needs in our collection.

Here are some of the features you can find in our dehumidifier selection:

Visual Humidity Indicators

With a 3-colour digital humidity display, the visual humidity indicators allow you to clearly monitor the humidity in any room, even from a distance.

The colour display turns blue to indicate 30–45% humidity, green to indicate 45-65%, and an ambient colour to indicate 65% or above.

Various Modes & Settings

The home dehumidifiers in our collection have a 24-hour timer, as well as an LED touch digital display to electronically control and adjust the humidity levels and switch between the various modes and speeds.

Some of the modes include:

  • Auto: This will automatically switch the dehumidifier on or off based on specific humidity parameters in the room.

  • Continuous drying mode or laundry mode: In this setting, the dehumidifier will work until the water tank is full or it is switched off manually. This makes it great for those without a tumble dryer, as it can be used in rooms used for drying laundry.

  • Sleep mode or night mode: The speed and noise level will be reduced and lights will be dimmed so that your sleeping environment remains unaffected while the dehumidifier runs overnight.

For an all-in-one solution, buy your new dehumidifier from Home Detail!

Easy Emptying Systems

Convenience and ease are top priorities when it comes to our home dehumidifiers.

Choose between two emptying systems:

  1. Manual: With built-in sensors, your dehumidifier will switch off by itself and alert you when the tank is full. You can then easily remove the water tank for emptying.

  2. Continuous drainage: Included in our home dehumidifiers is also a 1 metre continuous draining hose, which will allow you to remove even more excess water every day.

Simplify your life with a convenient and effective dehumidifier for the home from Home Detail. We offer fast and free* delivery in the UK!

Ample Water Tank Capacity

Our collection offers large tank capacities that allow for maximum absorption from day to day. This means that whether you choose a mini dehumidifier or something bigger, all of our options offer enough capacity to effectively remove moisture and humidity from the air around you. They are also ideal for removing damp, condensation, mould and mildew, and come in handy for drying clothes indoors.

Environmentally Friendly

Our dehumidifiers have a low energy consumption while still boasting an ultra effective moisture and humidity removal process. Using our compressor models, you will have a more energy-efficient solution than if you choose a desiccant dehumidifier for you home.

Not only do our dehumidifiers save energy and help the planet, but thanks to the supercharged motors, you can expect much less noise pollution too. And unlike dehumidifiers with a purely carbon filter, the dehumidifiers in our collection have a reusable and washable filter that makes them more affordable and sustainable in the long term.

Take back control of your space with a compressor dehumidifier from Home Detail.


Can a dehumidifier fight bacteria in the home?

There is a misconception that you have to use a HEPA filter to kill bacteria using your home dehumidifier. Our dehumidifiers use anti-bacterial filtration to trap and dry out bacteria in the air when the dehumidifier or air purifier is on.

Nevertheless, keeping up with regular house hygiene and cleaning practices is still very important to keep viruses and bad bacteria at bay.

What are the right size dehumidifiers for your home?

While finding the best dehumidifier for your home can seem difficult, we make it easy for you as we only provide premium quality products.

We offer various sizes. Our small dehumidifiers work best for a smaller space in the home, like a study or bathroom, while our larger dehumidifiers can do well in an open-plan setup or a large room like a master bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Are home dehumidifiers expensive to maintain?

Generally speaking, when you look at the cost of a dehumidifier, you must consider how much energy it uses per hour as this is one of the biggest factors that can result in paying more after you have made your purchase.

Since our dehumidifiers have a low energy consumption, it will cost you much less over time to maintain, especially compared to a desiccant dehumidifier, which uses more energy compared to other dehumidifiers. For this reason, desiccant dehumidifiers also have generally higher running costs when compared to compression dehumidifiers like ours.

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Home Detail: Online Supplier of High Quality Dehumidifiers, UK

As a trusted online furniture retailer in the UK, Home Detail supplies a wide range of high-quality products, such as our popular home dehumidifiers, which can work around the clock to remove excess moisture and purify the air around you.

One of our energy-efficient dehumidifiers can be an essential household item, benefiting you and everyone living in your home.

With so many features and benefits in our dehumidifier collection, you are just a click away from improving the air quality around you and your quality of life!

Ordering & Delivery

We offer fast and free* delivery throughout the UK and aim to dispatch all in-stock items within 24 hours. Delivery times range between 3–10 days, depending on the size of the products and delivery location.

Our dehumidifier collection is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the United Kingdom. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we also have a 30-day return policy.

* There is a delivery surcharge for certain areas in the United Kingdom.

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Invest in the best dehumidifier for your needs. Shop for home dehumidifiers online with Home Detail.

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