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12L Ometa Pure Dehumidifier

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The Ometa Pure dehumidifier is the perfect option to efficiently reduce moisture and humidity in the home. Available in 12L make this your go to home dehumidifier. With a 3 colour humidity indicator display, you can view the room humidity clearly from a distance. Opt for the perfect size for your home and needs. With the child lock feature, use the dehumidifier safely in any room with peace of mind. Finished with high quality castor wheels, you can easily glide your dehumidifier around the home with ease.


Our Ometa Pure dehumidifiers have large tank capacities allowing up to 12L of moisture absorption per day. Perfect for damp, mould and mildew, condensation and laundry drying in any home. With electronic control, you can easily adjust your humidity levels or timer (up to 24 hours) at the touch of a button. Switch between modes to suit your every need. With 2 fan speeds you can easily adjust your humidifier to your desired speed and noise level. 

Emptying the Ometa Pure dehumidifier could not be easier with the choice of 2 options: manual emptying of the tank once full; or using the continuous drainage hose. A continuous drainage hose would suit those looking for a more permanent drainage solution. The Ometa Pure dehumidifier will sound an alert when full to prompt emptying.


The Ometa Pure has been designed with various modes. 

Auto mode will automatically turn the dehumidifier on and off within certain room humidity parameters.

Continuous drying mode will allow the dehumidifier to work continuously until the water tank is full or the dehumidifier is switched off manually. This mode is perfect for any rooms with laundry drying. 

Sleep mode will start up the sleep function. The dehumidifier's light indicators will turn dark and the speed and noise level will be reduced to help create the perfect environment for sleep whilst still reducing moisture in the air. 

Benefits - Why Ometa Pure?

The Ometa Pure dehumidifiers absorb the moisture out of the air quickly and efficiently to reduce humidity levels. This helps to reduce and combat any condensation and damp in the home with ease.

High humidity and moisture can cause a number of problems in the household and can be harmful to your health. A dehumidifier can help lessen these issues by reducing the amount of moisture in the air.

The Ometa Pure dehumidifier is a non-disruptive tool to help you in tackling excess moisture in the home. With auto mode, a 24 hour timer, and sleep mode; this dehumidifier is designed to help you're fight against excess moisture an easy one.

If you often find yourself drying clothes in the home, especially during Winter times, using a dehumidifier can help dry and absorb the moisture from your clothes as well as helping to prevent damp and mould that often emerges when drying clothes indoors.

  • Ometa Pure Dehumidifier 
  • Reduces Moisture & Humidity
  • 12L Moisture Absorption Per Day
  • 2L Water Tank Capacity
  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • Low Noise Level
  • 3 Colour Display Indicator
  • Easy Cleaning with Removable Filters
  • Auto, Continuous Drying and Sleep Mode
  • Anti-Bacterial Filtration System
  • Manual or Automatic Drainage
  • Child Lock
  • Castor Wheels
  • UK Certified



Width: 25.5cm 
Length: 22cm
Height: 46cm
Drainage Pipe Length: 100cm
Power Cord Length: 160cm

NOTE: Some of our sofas/sofa beds do not have pre-drilled holes, you may be required to screw in the legs to the underside of the sofa/sofa bed”

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