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Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are very important pieces of furniture if you want to assemble a proper dining room. Whether your style is formal or informal, having the right chairs to accommodate your household and guests is an essential part of any dining experience.

While many houses have an entire room dedicated to a dining area, apartments and townhouses generally don't. This is why our collection of dining room chairs for sale includes chairs in a pair. Instead of buying an entire dining set that won't fit your table, you can order dining room chairs in pairs of two.

With sophisticated yet simple designs, our affordable dining chairs add a touch of traditional elegance to your home without compromising on comfort. Our chairs are suitable for just about any seating area, whether it's clean and contemporary or rustic with a modern twist.

Home Detail is a trusted online retailer of modern dining room chairs in the UK. Choose from our incredible selection of dining chairs for sale and get free shipping* UK-wide!

Why Choose Our Comfortable Dining Chairs?

Since many households don't take the time to sit around a dining table and share a meal together anymore, we aim to provide dining chairs that encourage people to come together for a moment to connect. Each dining chair in our collection is so stylish and comfy that you won't be able to get your family and guests away from the dining table!

There are so many costs to take into consideration with buying new furniture for a home. We have made it our mission to bring you the best dining room furnishings at reasonable prices so you can have the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

By not compromising on quality, we aim to deliver stylish chairs that are built to last and offer a comfortable seat to family and friends.

If you need more information about our modern dining chair collection or an order, you can contact Home Detail easily by sending us an email at

Our Range of Dining Chairs

Whether you want to create a contemporary feel in your house or spice up the interior design with soft velvet upholstery, Home Detail has it all. We have a very classic and modern approach to interior decorating to appeal to various styles. It doesn't matter what type of interior space you want to decorate, big or small, there is something for you.

Our comfortable dining room chairs are typically modern pieces that suit different budgets and can complement any interior aesthetic, making them a timeless feature in your home. Since each chair in our dining chair collection is designed with an elegant and stylish approach, it can be placed in nearly any gathering area of your home, including your kitchen or dining room.

To create the modern home you have been dreaming of, we have a broad selection of modern dining chairs to choose from. From a retro seat to soft, upholstered chairs and industrial metal legs to warmer wooden styles, our chic chairs for the dining room will astound you.

Colours for Every Taste & Style

Home Detail's dining table chairs are available in an array of colours, including classic options such as light grey and black and various shades of bolder colours. While there are many colours of dining chairs to suit every taste, our plush velvet designs are among the most popular.

From versatile monochrome tones to vibrant colours, Home Detail has curated a timelessly trendy collection of these dining chairs. From yellow to pink, blue, or green, there can be a comfortable velvet dining chair for any interior colour palette.

Quality Dining Room Chairs in Versatile Designs

Each dining room chair is thoughtfully designed to match versatile environments. The sturdy legs of our dining room chairs are crafted from materials like wood or metal, allowing you to seamlessly blend your dining chairs with a light, natural aesthetic or a more brutalist or minimalist style.

Everybody likes a traditional piece of furniture to bring character into a home. But this aesthetic can also be achieved with new pieces, like the popular velvet dining chair.

If you opt for dining table chairs with soft velvet upholstery, you will also be pleased to find that these chairs bring a more formal look to your home and never go out of style. They are elegant and ideal for creating a comfy seating area where your household or guests can gather and enjoy a meal.

While some chairs are covered in plain plush velvet materials, others have a classic tufted button-back for a more traditional look. Some are soft on the eye with legs made of natural wood while other pieces are more robust with a metal frame. Fit for any living room in your home, such as your dining area or kitchen, you can create the best-suited dining arrangement to bring people together in one space.

Ergonomic Dining Room Chairs

The style and comfort of any dining chair collection play a crucial role in the living space you want to create in your home. Whether you want chairs with classic designs, a chair collection that can provide extra support, occasional chairs, or a matching set, we have it all.

Modern designs are just the beginning of our chairs, though — most of the dining chairs in our range are upholstered and made with a padded seat to ensure they're extra comfortable.

Upholstered dining chairs are soft to sit on thanks to their padding, and are considered a timeless choice. They can also give a modern feel to a dining room and are very comfortable to sit on compared to other chair designs, such as metal, plastic or wood.

These little design details can elevate your space and bring you joy with every soft upholstered sitting session. There's even space to add a little cushioning to tie your chairs in with your space and provide extra comfort and back support.

Luxurious Materials

Velvet material is considered a warm and inviting fabric, making it the best type of material for trendy yet comfortable dining chairs if you want your guests to relax and feel at home. The cosy and chic retro style is unmatched.

Velvet dining chairs are some of the most sophisticated chairs you will ever find because the material is made from a woven fabric of evenly distributed threads. The short dense pile this creates is what gives velvet a look of luxury and a distinctive, soft feel.

With a velvet upholstery dining chair selection as big as ours and a wide selection of colour options, you will easily find the perfect colour or style to suit your home. Since velvet material never goes out of style, you can consider any upholstered velvet chair an investment.

No matter the colour, velvet is an exceptional fabric choice for any type of furniture. Besides its aesthetic appeal, velvet fabric is highly durable because it has a flat surface. For this reason, it is very easy to maintain as you can simply wipe it clean.

Suitable for Any Room

The great thing about our dining chair collection is that there are unique colours and styles to fit the tone of every room, whether traditional or contemporary. From providing comfort to exuding elegance, these versatile dining chairs can turn out to be a very popular and beloved seat in your kitchen or dining area.

While all of our pieces are upholstered chairs that have been designed to look good whether you dine in the kitchen or a dining area, there are other areas of the house that can benefit from high-quality dining chairs.

A dining chair can even be multi-functional and serve as a comfortable desk seat in your study or office space, too. You're not limited to using it as a desk chair, though. Single dining chairs can also function in living rooms and bedrooms. With a little extra cushioning for comfort and a decorative touch, you can transform it into an accent or occasional chair.

Browse our dining room chair collection and buy your favourite pairs of dining chairs in the UK today!

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