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Wooden Beds - UK

Wooden Beds are a classic option when choosing a bed, as natural wood beds offer timeless aesthetics and durable materials. In fact, wood used to be the only material used for beds and bedroom furniture in the past. The reasons for this speak for themselves. So, why choose a wooden bed frame?

Let's take a deeper look into why a wooden bed is perfect for your home and family — from quality to design and everything in between. Shop for wooden beds with UK-wide delivery from Home Detail.

Benefits Of Wooden Beds

There are many reasons why a wooden bed is a great investment for your home. These are the some of most notable benefits you can find from our beds made from wood:

Great Quality

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of our MDF or solid wooden beds is their exceptional quality. Whether you're seeking incredibly durable wooden frames with a classic look or you want to create your own style with a new wooden bed with a colour paint finish, our beds made from wood offer superior quality compared to many other modern beds on the market.

Made from high-quality wood and boasting a sturdy structure, your sleep is guaranteed to be comfortable when you choose wooden bed frames from Home Detail's range of durable and modern beds. Whatever style you prefer, our collection is sure to have something to suit your taste! All you have to worry about is which mattress would be the best fit for your bed — View our mattress collection to find the perfect fit for your new wooden bed!

Versatile Style

We have wonderful (and fun!) designs when it comes to our MDF or solid wooden beds, ensuring there is something for the whole family. Whether you are looking for wooden double beds, wooden single beds, or a king-size wooden bed, you'll easily find the perfect bed frame for your home with Home Detail. Our beds will be the perfect focal point in any contemporary bedroom.

Wooden double beds are also a popular choice for guest rooms or the rooms of older kids because they can easily be painted to suit the colour scheme or design of a room. The straight lines of the frame make for a captivating design that is both modern and simplistic.

The neutral colours of our white or cream wooden beds allow for a kaleidoscope of ideas in terms of decoration and accessories. Of course, you could always opt for a simple colour scheme in the guest room or your child's bedroom and let the wooden bed frame be the focal point of the space. Our real wood beds are the ideal fit for a family home, no matter your preferred style.

Ample Storage

If you're looking for a wooden bed with storage space that won't take up all the space in your bedroom, then our wooden bed frame range could have the ideal solution for you. Our beds made from wood come in several designs, some of which also offer storage.

Several of the modern wooden bed frames in our range are crafted with drawers to give you storage space that is convenient to access. Drawers built into the bed frame are wonderful as they allow for much easier access than when the drawers are located high up in a cupboard of a room.

With a wooden single bed frame with drawers, you can easily utilise the under-bed space for storage by packing all your additional bedding, clothing or footwear in this convenient storage space. For wooden beds without dedicated storage, you could still store items like shoes or bags under the bag to unclutter your floors.

Timeless Design

Wooden bed frames allow for a fully versatile look and feel to complete your bedroom furniture. There are several different colours to choose from, including the classic white painted finish that gives off a modern but timeless look. Timeless and neutral, a white wooden frame made with pine wood can easily work with a more traditional and timeless aesthetic or something elegant and minimal.

Solid pine wooden beds also do not need to stay in their natural colours if you want to add a little colour to the bedroom. Young kids can make the best of their bed frames with funky and fun colours that accentuate their bedroom décor. We also have various colour options for you to choose from.

Our Collection of Wooden Beds

Looking for wooden bed frame ideas?

At Home Detail, we have a great selection of adult beds and kids wooden bed frames to enhance the look of your bedroom decor. We stock a range of different types and styles, from more classic looks with footboards to more modern designs. Your existing furniture will get a completely new look with the addition of a beautifully crafted wooden bed.

Our children's wooden beds allow for some fun designs. And what better way to get the young ones excited to sleep in their own bed than with a specially designed wooden frame bed from our collection of kids' wooden beds?

Whether you're looking for single white wooden beds or wood double beds in cream, we offer versatile styles for your home at great prices, without compromising on quality. Browse our range to get started on your redecorating project!

Both Traditional & Modern Wooden Beds

The style and design of the modern wooden bed tend to vary quite a bit from more traditional wooden beds. Wooden beds from the past, such as the sleigh bed, were perhaps more straightforward, plain pieces of furniture in comparison to what is available today. We have both the classic look wooden bed frames and those with a more modern wooden bed design that are interesting to look at and can easily become the focal point of a room.

With straight-cut lines and elegant colour options, you can add a pop of interest to a bedroom and make for something pleasant to admire with a Home Detail wooden bed (UK-wide delivery included).

Beds In All Sizes

Our wooden beds come in various sizes, so you will be able to find the right size for your bedrooms. Our collection of strong wooden beds features all popular sizes, including:

  • Single wooden bed frame
  • Double wooden bed frame
  • King size wooden bed frame
  • We offer small single wooden beds in the UK that are great for younger children, and for those looking for all the bed space in the world, a super king wooden frame can easily grant you the space and comfort that you are after. So whether you're seeking a small double bed for a guest room or colourful single wood beds for a kid's room, we have it all!

    Space Saving Wood Bunk Beds

    Wooden bunk beds are no longer the unattractive and boring bed sets from before. If you're after unique wood beds for kids in the UK, our modern bunk beds come in a range of styles and designs to uplift any room and are far more advanced in looks than their traditional counterparts.

    If you are worried about enough space, fear not! Some of the wooden bunk beds in our collection are built to be multifunctional pieces of furniture that work well in smaller spaces. Choose from single wooden bunk beds, double bunks and cabin beds with extra drawers or desk space for your children's room. Home Detail's bunk bed frames are also available in treehouse-inspired designs, allowing your child's imagination to go wild.

    Bunk and cabin wooden bed frames are a great choice — with style, quality, and durability, it's a win-win for both parents and children!

    Wooden Beds With Storage Space

    Keeping a bedroom neat and tidy can be difficult when you have minimal space. But with the right furniture pieces, such as a bed frame with built-in storage, you can easily store your things without having to invest in an extra piece of furniture or a bigger space.

    A modern wood bed with storage options offers a compact and easy-to-use design that makes it effortless to access your stored belongings. Our versatile wooden bed frames have two types of storage options: Lift Up Storage and Storage Drawers.

  • With the Lift Up storage option, a gas lift mechanism is used to lift the entire slatted bed base and mattress up and down. Your things can then be placed inside the base.
  • With the Storage Drawers option, drawers are built into the base and can be pulled out to give you space to store things within the bed base.
  • Beds For Kids Or Adults

    The versatile design of our beds made from wood makes them easy to pair with just about any interior design aesthetic or bedroom — whether for kids or adults.

    A single wooden bed frame is a popular choice for toddlers and young children because these frames are guided by quality and are strong. Made from pine wood or MDF, the sturdy beds in our collection are made to last while giving your little ones a good night's sleep.

    Teenagers and single sleepers may opt for a bit more space and enjoy the luxury of a wooden double bed. Consider a white wood double bed or a natural wood double bed for a neutral base that will easily fit in with your decor.

    You can enhance your bedroom with a king-size cream wooden bed, or add a white wood single bed to your guest room. The minimalistic designs and timeless colour palettes of our beds make them versatile enough to be paired with neutral linen for master bedrooms and guestrooms or adorned with bright bedding and soft toys to create the perfect kid's bed.

    Elevate your bedrooms with our exquisite collection of high-quality MDF or solid wood beds in the UK. Buy wooden beds online from Home Detail for fast & free* UK-wide delivery.

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