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Modern Chairs

Chairs are among the oldest pieces of furniture in human culture, dating back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. They were originally made out of wood or stone, but over time they evolved into what we now know as modern chairs - often metal, plastic, or wooden frames with upholstery for comfort.


Today, there are so many different types of chairs available in such an expansive range of design and colour options it can be impossible to choose between them. That's why it's important to find a chair that will match the overall interior design aesthetic and complement your other living room furniture, while also serving its function well.

At Home Detail, each chair in our collection has a practical purpose but also has a trendy design and is available in colours ranging from royal blue and emerald green to dusky pink to plain black.

Our modern chair designs include everything from faux leather armchairs to ergonomic racer chairs and nursing glider maternity chairs. You can also choose from a range of beautiful chair designs such as outdoor rattan lounging chairs, modern chairs for dining table use, and even classic studded button-backed Chesterfield designs or fluted velvet occasional chairs.

Browse our range of modern chairs for sale to find the perfect design to turn your house into a home!

Chairs for Functionality & Décor

We stock so many different types of designer chairs, in just about every colour and design you can imagine, so you have the luxury of choice when shopping online for a new chair.

Some are designed for functionality and have the necessary details to ensure that they succeed in delivering on their purpose. Others are designed for fashionable interior décor and style.

Once you've chosen your material - from faux leather and rattan to velvet and fabric - choose from our extensive colour range to find the colour that will match your living space the best.

Need a contemporary chair to complement the elegant aesthetic of your living room? Go for something understated yet luxurious like a fluted accent chair with wooden legs.

Need something timeless and classy for a study? You can't go wrong with a classic faux leather tub chair or a more traditional Chesterfield armchair design with studded details.

Whether you need a functional or decorative chair, we have one that will suit you!

Ergonomic Office & Gaming Chairs

If you work on a computer or spend a lot of time gaming, you will want to be comfortable while doing it. For this, ergonomic seating is always the best choice.

In this case, finding the right chair is about far more than just how it looks. You need to find one that's comfortable for your body type and that can serve as a posture aid.

Our ergonomic chairs come with armrests and a contoured seat, allowing you to sit for extended periods of time without experiencing pain or discomfort.

With lumbar back support, they also help maintain good posture.

For those who spend long shifts at a desk, mesh office chairs will provide breathability as well as assist you in sitting up straight. This fabric is also easy to clean.

Because we all have different requirements based on our body shape and frame, it is important to look at what each office chair offers when researching the one for you.

View our ergonomic office chairs and gaming chairs

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are a great way to make your dining area feel more like home and impress your friends and family when you host dinner parties or events at your home.

They also play an important role in the design of the room.

What makes them so significant today is how dining chairs in the right design and colour can instantly change up your style and create a new look for any space.

The history of dining furniture dates back centuries ago when people would use benches or stools around family tables to enjoy meals together. More often than not, these were made out of materials such as wood or stone with no padding whatsoever, so sitting for long periods of time was quite uncomfortable!

Fast forward many years later and we find that dining chairs and their design have become a lot more comfortable and stylish than what they used to be. Today, there is a huge array of designs and styles on offer and, as with any piece of furniture in your home, you want it to fit in well with the overall theme or colour scheme you have chosen to decorate your rooms with.

That's where Home Detail's expansive dining chair range comes in.

Chairs help to tie everything together and create an inviting atmosphere when the right design and colour has been selected for the accompanying dining table.

Wood dining chairs are great because they blend well with just about any theme. If you have a wood theme, wooden chairs with upholstery seats are always a popular choice. These are great because they create a warmer effect and will blend in well with the rest of your room's decor.

Not limited to only dining areas, you could also create a truly inviting living room - for your family and guests - by adding some funky dining chairs for a pop of colour and design sophistication.

An upholstered metal frame chair with wooden legs can add both warmth and comfort, especially when paired with cushions.

View our dining room chairs


In the past, recliner chairs were saved up for and reserved for times of true leisure and comfort. Today, it is almost a staple in the TV room or living space of every home.

Recliner chairs come with many features that make them more than just a place to relax. Some have USB ports so that you can charge your phone or laptop while watching TV. They are truly perfect for those "Netflix and chill" nights!

Some models also include built-in massage functions that give you an at-home spa experience, while others have added storage, armrests, cup holders, headrests, and other features to make your experience even better.

Recliners are no longer just contemporary, easy chairs - they are home theatres, massage chairs, video game systems, and even dining tables when you need them to be.

View our recliner chairs


Rattan has been used to make furniture for hundreds of years, but it only became extremely popular during the second half of the 20th century when metal started to be replaced by plastic and wooden furniture.

Known for its rigidity and tensile strength, rattan is great at holding up against the forces of nature without snapping or cracking. This makes it ideal for use outdoors as patio or garden furniture.

If you want to create a unique tropical style in your backyard, try sitting on rattan lounging chairs! If you're looking for an old-fashioned vintage look, though, then rattan furniture can give you that rustic, handcrafted, handwoven look with pieces that will look lovely in any room of the house.

Because traditional rattan is usually brown in colour, you will find that it matches with cushioning and upholstery of any colour, from neutrals and green to pink or blue.

View our rattan chairs


The armchair is the most common type of chair that makes a house a home. It was originally called the "Ruhlmann Chair" because the first known example of an armchair was created around 1450 by German craftsman Hans Ruhlmann who made it out of oak wood.

It goes without saying that the ability to rest your arms on these modern easy chairs made this type of chair stand out from benches or stools of the time.

Today, armchairs are modern lounge chairs, often used in living rooms and bedrooms for leisure activities such as reading, watching television, socialising with others, or just relaxing. They can also be found in offices where they are sometimes referred to as executive chairs because of their luxurious appearance.

Contemporary chairs for living room spaces are often also used in professional environments where people may need to sit for long periods of time. For example in a waiting room or airport lounge. As sitting for long periods causes discomfort for most people, armchairs are often designed ergonomically to not be as draining on the back or posterior.

There is no dearth of colour or design options at Home Detail when it comes to the popular armchair.

View our armchairs

Modern Accent Chairs & Occasional Chairs

If you are looking for the perfect occasional designer seat for your home and you're overwhelmed with the choices, you're in the right place. Accent chairs are one of our favourite types of designer chairs.

We stock a number of occasional chairs in styles ranging from studded to fluted and more.

Modern occasional chairs are true statement pieces when it comes to adding that extra flair and finesse to your home because their design is more lavish than standard dining chairs. And if you need a comfortable chair for your bedroom, this range includes modern bedroom chairs in a variety of colours and design options that you won't be able to say no to.

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