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Black Sofa Bed

Any home — small and traditional or large and modern — might benefit from having a black sofa bed. You won't have to give up style to keep your cosy home comfortable and functional with the help of these compact furniture pieces.

And in larger homes, a sofa bed can double as a fashionable place to sit during the day and an extra bed for your guests at night.

Every taste is catered for in our wide selection of premium sofa beds in timeless black colour. For the sake of simplicity, don't accept that subpar model! We provide sofa beds for every area, including bedrooms, living rooms, spare rooms, and kids' bedrooms.


Shop for sofa beds online at Home Detail and get fast and free UK delivery too!

A Versatile Furniture Colour

It's true what they say: "Black looks good with everything." Whatever you choose to combine black with, it will look good and fit within the room. While not overwhelming the space, black makes a strong statement. A black sofa bed can serve as the room's centrepiece or just serve as a piece of furniture to complete the overall design.

Modern and slick, black is the colour to use if you want your home's interior to feel trendy and contemporary. Black also tends to look a little bit slimmer in a room, so including it will give your space a streamlined appearance.

No matter the size, black makes it easy to coordinate the space. Black doesn't have to be the dominant colour in the room if you think it's too daring for your style. However, using some sort of black design element is a fantastic approach to unify the room.

Various Styles Of Sofa Beds For You

When you shop for any piece of furniture, there are numerous factors to take into account. Considerations include the item's design, size, storage, and desired level of compactness. To ensure you buy the right size, make sure you have measured the space where it will go.

Each product description in our collection contains a complete list of all specs and measurements to ensure you choose one that fits into your home.

Comfort and how it feels when you sit and lie down on it are crucial factors to take into account when shopping for a sleeper couch. Comfortable cushions will help your overnight guests have a good night's sleep and offer excellent contouring for their bodies.

Shop online with us to find everyone's new favourite seat in the house!

5 Reasons To Shop For A Sofa Bed Instead Of A Sofa

There are many benefits to purchasing a sofa bed as opposed to a sofa. They are small-scale solutions for seating, sleeping, and storage that may be placed in your living room, office, or bedroom. But here are our top 5 reasons why sofa beds are better.

Modern sofa beds are equally as attractive as sofas

The days of hefty, lumpy sofa beds that made you feel like you needed to reinforce the floor are long gone. Sofa beds are available in an array of trendy designs that will look good in traditional homes or modern houses and be the most stylish seat in the house.

There are innovative space-saving features on sofa beds

Most likely, you are considering where to place all the extra bedding. The good news is that many sofa beds have concealed storage that lets you keep the bedding inside. Furthermore, some even include pull-out tables to store food and beverages as well!

Sofa beds are just as comfy as actual beds

Thanks to improvements in manufacturing techniques, sleeper sofas are designed to give you good support while you sleep, which is almost on par with traditional beds. Whether you're looking for 3-seaters or corner sofa beds, your guests won't need to worry about a bad night's sleep with one of our sofa beds in your house.

They help you conserve room

Sofa beds are essential in small homes and compact living spaces because they provide you with an extra bedroom right away when you need one. Even if you live in a larger house where a guest bedroom is not worthwhile, these pieces of furniture are the perfect space saving solution you need to give your guests a sleeping space without taking up too much room.

It is a wise investment

If you have a limited budget, you can save money by purchasing a sofa bed because you can use it for both sleeping and sitting. Why buy two pieces of furniture when you can buy one multifunctional piece? Whether it's for an office or living room, a sofa bed is undeniably a smart investment for any space.

Shop Our Range Of Black Sofa Beds

You can get the sofa bed you desire down to the last detail thanks to our selection of designs, shapes and sizes. When you shop online with Home Detail, you will find the style that's perfect for you and your family, no matter what you're searching for.

We offer a variety of materials, including faux leather and velvet, and most of our designs have a click-clack mechanism, allowing you to quickly convert your chic sofa into a double bed.

You can rest assured knowing your new bed will last for many years thanks to our sturdy frames. You can also be sure that you'll enjoy the utmost comfort for many years to come thanks to our plush textiles and foam filled cushions.

Our online shop provides a collection of stylish products for big and small homes.


How durable are sofa beds?

The lifespan of sofa beds can be affected by a number of different factors. How it will be used is a key factor to take into account. The cushions may last longer if the sofa bed will primarily be used as a sofa and only infrequently as a bed. A sofa bed that is primarily used as a bed each night may deteriorate more quickly.

Are sofa beds worth buying?

Yes! An extra bed and seating are always helpful to have in the home as they don't take up much space, even if you don't plan to use them every day. This is especially true if you frequently have friends and relatives stay with you and need a convenient extra bed.

Their innovative design also allows them to have multiple features, such as storage compartments underneath the cushions and cup holders.

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Shop Online at Home Detail

Home Detail is a trusted online furniture store because we have an extensive range with wide-ranging styles and we provide quick and effective delivery right to your front door. We send all of our furniture flat-packed and pre-assembled.

Ordering & Delivery

Whenever you shop with us, we provide free delivery* on all items, with delivery taking between 3 to 10 days. *Some areas in the UK have a delivery surcharge.

If you have questions about a particular piece in our range or general question about how to shop for items on our website, our helpful customer care team are ready to help!

Get in touch at 0141 404 9899 or

Shop our black sofa bed range now to find your new favourite piece of furniture!

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