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Embracing Industrial Home Décor

Industrial home décor draws inspiration from old factories and warehouses, showcasing raw materials, exposed architecture, and utilitarian design elements. As the name implies, industrial interior design is inspired by industrial buildings and elements such as exposed pipes, metal, concrete, and brick, creating a rugged yet sophisticated aesthetic. Here's how to infuse industrial charm into every room of your home:

Living Room

Start with a neutral colour palette of greys, browns, and blacks to mimic the industrial feel.

Mirelle Nest Of Tables Solid Oak Black Metal Frame

Incorporate raw materials like reclaimed wood for furniture pieces such as coffee tables and entertainment centres. Our Mirlle range of nest coffee tables are a great addition to create this look - and this beautiful console table too! Choose leather or distressed upholstery for sofas and armchairs to add to the rugged look. Introduce metal accents through industrial-style lighting fixtures, such as pendant lamps or exposed bulb sconces. Display vintage-inspired décor items like old signage or machinery parts to enhance the industrial vibe.

Mirelle Console Table Solid Oak Black Metal Frame


Opt for a platform bed with a metal frame or a reclaimed wood headboard for a rustic industrial look. Use bedding in earthy tones or plaid patterns to complement the rugged aesthetic.Add warmth with faux fur or knit throw blankets layered on the bed. 

Platform Bed 120Cm Black

Incorporate industrial-style bedside tables made from metal or salvaged wood. This cage table could work amazingly as bedside tables as the extra open storage for cushions and blankets can add extra texture and depth into the space. Hang industrial-inspired artwork or framed vintage blueprints to tie the room together.


Choose stainless steel appliances and fixtures for a sleek industrial feel. Use open shelving made from reclaimed wood or metal piping to display cookware and crockery. Incorporate a butcher block or concrete countertop for a utilitarian look. 

Shoreditch Bar Stool Black

Install industrial-style pendant lights over the kitchen island or dining table. Add character with vintage-inspired bar stools or chairs made from metal and distressed wood - these bar stools are absolutely perfect for this look!


Opt for a vanity made from reclaimed wood or a metal base with a concrete countertop. Use classic subway tiles or concrete walls for an industrial-inspired backdrop. Install exposed pipe shelving for storing towels and toiletries. 

Choose matte black or brushed nickel fixtures for a modern industrial touch. To add warmth, try using plush bath mats and towels in neutral tones.

By incorporating these industrial design elements into each room of your home, you can create a cohesive space that exudes rugged charm and urban sophistication.

Stay tuned for our next blog post on mid-century modern home décor!

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