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Small Bedroom, Big Style: 6 Clever Ideas for Limited Spaces

Regardless of whether you are in a small inner city flat, an end of terraced house or even a maisonette, one thing for certain is that you are likely to have at least one small bedroom. Sometimes it can be tricky to think what to do with such limited space so here at Home Detail we wanted to give you ideas of making the most of it.

Of course, maximising the space is going to be key for this room, though there is much more to consider than you may initially think when looking at utilising as much of your available space as possible.

Embrace Minimalism

Okay, so  this one is kind of obvious, but you need to make sure you take a minimalist approach because there just isn’t going to be the space to cram in everything you may usually put into a standard sized bedroom.

Keeping the space as decluttered as possible will ensure that you create a sense of openness whilst still ensuring that you have a functional bedroom that ticks off all the right areas for you - whether all it needs is a bed and table, you may be wanting to fit storage in as well (all discussed below).

Optimise Storage Solutions

The bed is central to all bedrooms and this is the first place you should look for maximising storage within a small space. If it’s a kids room, then a top bunk only bed is super helpful to maximise floor space underneath for storage. If it’s not, then think of getting a bed that has storage built in like this ottoman bed frame.

Once the bed is chosen you can then think about other storage options. If you can't fit in any drawers or wardrobes in, then shelves can be very useful, as can any form of vertical storage organisers as they maximise use of wall-space whilst taking up minimal floor space.

Don’t overestimate the need for storage in a small bedroom - if you don’t have enough storage space things just get left around, which can make the room feel cluttered extremely quickly and lead to everything feeling cramped.

Light and Bright Colours

Now not everyone likes the in-your-face colours of bright yellow or pink, though if you’ve got a small bedroom to furnish, then considering light and bright colours will definitely keep the room feel bigger than it actually is - creating a nice airy atmosphere.

So if you want something a little more subtle, we would suggest going down the route of soft neutrals and pastels as they will add the feel of spaciousness and look great in almost any space, regardless of size or the amount of natural light coming in.

Strategic Furniture Placement

This really comes down to the exact shape, style and entryway to your small bedroom, though making the most out of the spaces is as much about how you arrange the furnishings as it is the furnishings themselves.

Taking the traditional small bedroom, the box room, here at Home Detail we would advise keeping as much of the middle floor space clear, having everything up against a wall so that even though there is little room to move around, whenever you are in the room you have space to get to everything with ease.
If your space is a little different to this then you may need to get creative. It can be difficult to know where things should go when you haven’t bought them yet, but you can always measure out floorspace for the items you have an eye on and then try to imagine how it would feel walking into the room and those pieces of furniture being in those spaces.

Mirror Magic

The magic of the mirror. This is potentially your best friend when trying to give a small room a much larger feel. Ideally there would be room for a large-ish mirror that can go along a wall that is perpendicular to the window and the door so that the light bounces off it as you walk in.

If you aren’t able to get yourself a large mirror, then even adding a few smaller ones in strategic places can make all the difference. It could even be that you are able to get some mirrored furniture if you are able to get some larger pieces in the room.

Multi-Layered Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes we see in a small bedroom is the lighting. It’s often just the main light, with a lampshade and that’s about it. This is where you can make your space stand out and create ambiance with different lighting overhead (spotlights if possible), or perhaps adding some accent lighting under the bunk bed, or alongside a shaded area.

Whatever you decide to go for with lighting, think about having options, so that you can utilise different lighting at different times of day and times of year. Winter can often be quite dreary here in the UK, and having the large bedroom lights on during the day can be a little overwhelming.

In Summary

Small bedrooms don’t need to feel that way - they can be surprisingly airy and look much larger than they actually are if you manage to style it correctly. You need to ensure storage is considered and of course you can play around with the arrangement until you get something that works for your unique space.

First and foremost though, you’ll need to make a decision on which bed you are going to have in this room - luckily for you, Home Detail has a huge variety of options, so check them out today!

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