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Large Dining Room Table

Take your home dining experience to the next level with our sophisticated and sturdy large dining room table range. We have incredibly stylish dining room statement pieces that can help you create a wonderful area to gather with friends and family for a meal.

If you're looking for a modern dining table made from durable material that offers plenty of dining space, look no further — our range is perfect for everything from hosting dinner parties or gatherings to enjoying daily meals.

Browse our large dining table range to find the perfect table for your home!


Spruce Up Your Dining Space

It's common for households to use their dining space often, especially those who appreciate tradition and quality time with loved ones during meal times. Our dining table selection includes tables in various colour, style and material options that can be matched with beautiful chairs to create a dining area your household and visitors will love.

Create a Dining Experience for Various Occasions

A dining table with chairs can bring people together, which is what we intend with our dining table range. You can have a wonderful experience with friends and family and show off your hosting skills and hospitality with more than enough room around the table.

Lazy Weekend Brunches

With the right dining table and chairs, you can host your friends and family for weekend brunches and know everyone will have a seat. Saturday and Sunday mornings will become everyone's new favourite time of day with welcoming furniture and delicious fare.

Dinner with Guests

What's better than having a proper dinner party with your guests?

Whether you're the life of the party or not, you will surely enjoy entertaining a few of your closest friends and family over a home-cooked dinner at the right table. You can serve up all your favourite foods and drinks while enjoying quality time over a meal.

Occasional Celebrations

There's nothing better than a grand dinner party to celebrate a special person's birthday or any other celebratory event, like Christmas. With the right centrepiece, everything else falls into place and gives you the perfect spot to celebrate the occasion.

Flattering And Functional Furniture

Along with our efficient service and the great quality of our furniture, we pride ourselves on offering you products that are designed to be useful and appealing.

At Home Detail, you're sure to find a dining table that looks fantastic in your dining area — one with a manageable size and enough room for chairs to comfortably seat your entire family. With all the space offered by our tables, dining at home will become your new favourite way to enjoy a meal with your loved ones, if it isn't already!

A Modern Design & Style

Apart from the size of these furniture products, the rectangular shape and colour of our tables are classic in design, so they won't go out of style.

Our dining table material options, like faux oak veneer, are also sturdy and durable, which offers added peace of mind about the furniture you purchase.

Dining Furniture Suitable for Your Dining Theme

We have a collection that includes varied style options, including bold tables with glass tops or wood effects, tables with stylish criss-cross legs, and ones with straight metal legs.

Our dining table range is also available in a diverse colour selection to complement the preferred theme of your dining area, allowing you to create the ultimate dining affair.

large wooden dining tables

We stock large oak effect veneer tables with contrasting black metal legs to offer a classic dining arrangement that is perfect for dining throughout the day or hosting dinner parties.

Large Glass Dining tables

Our large glass dining table consists of a clean-cut tempered glass top with contrasting black metal legs. This is an elegant 4–6 seater dining option for those who frequently host.

Large concrete dining tables

Our large concrete effect table offers a unique centrepiece for your dining area. With a unique tabletop and timeless black metal legs, you can create a stylish setting to enjoy a meal with friends and family or host parties that people will remember for years to come.

High-Quality & Durable Materials

We have large dining room tables in different high-quality material options, some of which include faux oak veneer and tough tempered glass. Each dining table in our range is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while still offering strength and durability. Our tables can take one of your main entertainment living room spaces, such as your dining area, to the next level.

Dining Chairs That Complement Your Table

The right furniture add-ons and accessories in a complementary colour palette can transform your dining area in no time. From the dining chairs you choose to the decor, you can design and coordinate the look of your dining room with ease.

We offer a wide range of dining furniture, like dining chairs, in various modern or contemporary styles, to perfectly complement your new dining table.

A Finishing Touch

Our contemporary dining chairs come in various material and colour options. With Home Detail, you can easily choose chairs to add a pop of colour to your dining area.

These chairs are made for comfort with soft material options and seats. They are also the perfect size to comfortably fit under a big rectangular dining table.


How Do I Choose A Large Dining Table?

As opposed to a square shape that may not offer as much legroom, our dining tables' modern, rectangular shape is bigger in size and designed to suit your dining room.

How Big is A Large Dining Table?

Our large dining tables are typically in the range of L: 160cm D: 80cm H: 75.5cm. The size and height of our tables allow you to pair them with 4 to 6 dining chairs comfortably, depending on the number of seats you require.

While our tables are large and offer more than enough space to add an extra chair or two to meet your dining needs, they won't take up all of the space in an average-sized dining area.

How Do I Pick Chairs for My Dining Table?

Our dining chairs come in many different colour and material options. Some chairs are made from soft material options, like plush velvet, and are available in a range of elegant colours.

Depending on your design and style preferences, including colour and material options, you can choose a set of chairs in one or more colour and style options to create the dining area aesthetic you're looking for. It's all about the colour and style you prefer!

Is A Large Dining Table Easy to Maintain?

Our dining tables are simple to maintain and can be cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. To remove stains or grime, you can use a soap and water solution to clean them and table polish spray to maintain shine.

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Home Detail – A Reliable Online Furniture Retailer, UK

If you want to buy a big dining table in the UK, you have come to the right place!

Home Detail is the go-to online furniture retailer that can meet all your dining room furniture needs. Whether you're looking for just a table or a table and chairs, we have you covered!

We are a trusted home furniture supplier with furniture pieces in various colours, styles, sizes and material options to help you create the living area of your dreams.

30-Day Return Policy

All the dining furniture on our site is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in the UK. However, for further quality assurance, we also have a return policy that allows customers to return any furniture item within 30 days of delivery.

Free & Fast UK Delivery

When you buy a dining table from Home Detail, you can expect your furniture item to be delivered anywhere in the UK within days.

*There is a delivery surcharge for certain areas, and bigger items may take 3-10 days to deliver.

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Call us on 0141 404 9899 from anywhere in the UK or email us at to get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

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Browse our collection to find the best large dining room table for your dining area!

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