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Home Office Chairs

Finding the right office chair doesn't have to be daunting. At Home Detail, we've got a wide range of ergonomic home office chairs you can choose from that promise maximum comfort and support for your unique postural needs.


Homeworking is here to stay, whether as a hybrid or permanent set-up, so the time has come to think about buying new office chairs for your home. Investing in a good chair is particularly important if you want to avoid bad posture and body pain in the future.

Buy furniture online with Home Detail for fast and free UK delivery on your new home office chairs.

Why You Need Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

When you think of essential office furniture, a comfortable, good-quality home office chair should come to mind before anything else.

Many people have found that they have to pay extra attention to setting clear boundaries with home working, otherwise they end up sitting in their desk chair for longer than they ever would have in the office. And while standing desks are becoming more and more popular, these height-adjustable desks can be quite expensive and are simply just not everyone's cup of tea.

Fortunately, with the right home office chairs, you can have optimum productivity, comfort, and healthy work-life boundaries.

Let us help you find the right chair for your study room so you have the lumbar support you need to focus on the tasks at hand without distraction.

Finding the Right Office Chair

The right chair for your home office should be comfortable and match the desks and furniture in the room. It should also be a size that fits well in the space.

If it's a sigh of relief you're looking for every time you sit down to work rather than a groan of despair, carry on reading to find out what goes into the perfect home office chairs and how you can find the right fit for your needs. We've curated a range that has something for everyone — from the freelancer and professional to the student or gamer.

Ergonomics in the Shape, Design & Cushioning

Ergonomics is so much more than just a buzzword for office furniture — the shape and design of an office chair impact where your back, shoulders and neck receive support.

Even without padding, ergonomic office chairs offer support to all the important areas of your body, which can make a world of difference and reduce the fatigue you feel afterwards. Added padding and cushions enhance this lumbar support even further. When you browse our range of home office chairs, you'll find both styles available.

To make your home office as efficient as possible, other features to look out for include an adjustable seat height with a gas lift and a reclining feature. Recliner office chairs and adjustable chairs can fit with desks of all designs, thus ensuring maximum comfort. You won't go wrong with an ergonomic reclining office chair from our collection.

Modern Materials

The upholstery you choose for your home office chairs has a significant impact on your long-term comfort while working and on the chair's lifespan. Whether you'd like your office chair seat covered in mesh fabric, PU leather, or both — you'll find the one for you in our collection. You have the choice of plastic or metal legs, both offering a sturdy experience.

Shop for PU leather and fabric executive office chairs in the UK with Home Detail.

Durable Faux Leather Desk Chairs

A PU leather home office chair is a very popular furniture choice. It works as a gaming office chair because the firm, comfy seat allows you to sit for hours. Along with making working at a desk more comfortable, they are also an excellent choice for office chairs because they look and feel professional. A recliner office chair is essential when you're prone to late nights.

Faux leather office chairs are also easy to clean and resistant to liquids. This makes them extremely low maintenance, especially in darker colours. Simply wipe them down with a dry cloth for liquid spills and a damp cloth as part of your regular cleaning routine.

Breathable Mesh Desk Chairs

Our executive mesh office chairs tick all the boxes — they are the perfect piece of stylish, comfortable and cost-effective furniture. The mesh fabric is breathable and lightweight, enabling better ventilation that can help keep you cool even during those hot days.

Styles & Colours

Aesthetics are more important than we realise, even in a home office environment.

Office furniture doesn't have to be drab or boring when it comes to style. Our range includes sophisticated & professional colours such as black and grey, and office chairs with light & bright accent colours for you to express your style in your home office space.

No matter which room will be home to your new office chair, we can help you make sure it is as stylish as possible. Enhance your workspace with a home office chair that inspires you to do your best work and doesn't leave you feeling sore and tense at the end of the day.

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Order Your Home Office Chairs from Home Detail

Don't let your desk job get you down. With Home Detail, you can make your house a home — and make your office a home office — because details matter. Browse our range of simple, adjustable or reclining office chairs to find the one to complete your work-from-home space.

Shop Online for Fast & Free Delivery

Shopping online with Home Detail puts your convenience above all else.

We offer free UK delivery on our home office chairs and furniture. We dispatch our in-stock orders within 24 hours of placing the order, ensuring the fastest possible delivery by our friendly couriers. Bigger orders may take between 3–10 days.

A delivery surcharge applies to specific areas in the United Kingdom.

Place your order and then sit back and relax — finding your perfect home office chair has never been this easy!

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