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Window Seats - UK

Elevate your interior design and living space with our elegant yet functional window seats with UK-wide delivery.

Our selection of window seats for sale can help you upgrade almost any window in any room. Whether you're looking for a space to sit while basking in the sun or extra storage space for linens or decor items, we've got various window bench style options for you to choose from.

Order our benches for windows to create the bay window of your dreams! Payments made online are fully secure when you shop online with Home Detail, and we include fast and free delivery* on all window seat orders.

Create a Bay Window Aesthetic with our Window Seats

While a bay window technically has to be built into the walls and structure of a building, you don't have to remodel your whole house to enjoy the comforts and aura brought to a space by a bay window seat. Home Detail's window seat collection is curated to give you all this and more!

Bay window seats are loved for their ability to offer a comfortable and cosy spot to sit and relax, sometimes also offering extra storage space underneath for day-to-day items. Bedroom window seats like this are also great for adding extra seating in a room that doesn't usually lend itself to seating space.

A window bench against traditional bay windows — and even against large straight windows — will provide a relaxing reading nook and can also serve as the perfect solution for a smaller house where there is a need to maximise space against walls to create extra seating.

Browse Home Detail's selection of window bench seats and order your new window seat with UK-wide delivery today!

Home Detail's Range of Window Seats

We have window seating options for any type of design preference.

Your style and size requirements for your window bench seating will vary based on the room you're decorating, the purpose of your window seat (such as whether you solely need seating or you're looking for window seats with storage space), your budget, and of course, personal taste.

Whether you want to place an upholstered wooden window seat in your bedroom, or you're looking for a grey window seat with storage for the guest room or velvet padded window bench for the living room — you are sure to find the perfect solution in our collection.

This is what you can expect from our window seat furniture range:

Colours to Complement or Contrast

With Home Detail, you will certainly find a window seat for your living room or bedroom from the wide variety of colours in our collection, with options ranging from neutral and subdued to luxurious and colourful.

If you're looking for neutral shades, a black window seat in PU leather is great for a space with a modern interior design, while a velvet cream window seat can add a rich and understated elegance to your space. A window seat in grey, on the other hand, can give you the best of both, depending on the design you choose. A grey window bench with wooden legs is ideal for an open plan, minimalist or Scandi theme, but options with darker legs make for the perfect window seats for bedrooms.

We also offer more colourful wall seating and window storage seats, including colours like blush pink, teal, mustard and russet. A yellow window seat is a great choice to brighten up a room and further highlight the sunlight streaming in through the windows.

Lush Materials & Finishes

Our upholstered window bench collection gives you the freedom to play around with textures in your space. Our fabric seats are available in faux leather, velvet, and other fabrics like chenille and hopsack.

Our PU white window bench is a popular choice because of its durable finish, while a chenille or velvet window seat bench is often chosen to elevate the aesthetic of an elegant living room space.

Some of our window seats also have tufted button details and diamante work to give it that finishing touch that sets it apart from the average window bench seat.

Various Designs & Features

We offer diverse window bench seat designs for you to choose from.

Our window seat collection includes window seats with storage and without, although those with storage space are understandably some of our most popular products. Our storage window seats are designed with a hinged window bench top which lifts to reveal a generous storage space under the window seats.

Some of our window seats with storage for sale extend lower and closer to the floor for a more solid and sturdy appearance, while our non-storage window beach seat style is slimmer, showcasing the legs for an elegant style touch.

The Right Size for your Space

Whether you're decorating the hallway or the master bedroom, a window bench from our collection has something for everyone. We have both large and small window seats, making it easy to find everything from bedroom seats to bench window seats to brighten up your home office with a dedicated spot to relax during breaks.

Because of the range of sizes and styles available in our collection, you also aren't just limited to using your seat by the window. Our small benches can work well in entrance hallways and foyers, allowing you to use the storage options for all sorts of daily items you need to grab on your way out the house. For larger spaces like an entertainment area or living room, a window bench that is longer and bigger will command the space and add interest.

From a large window seat with storage to a small window bench to add extra seating, we've got the perfect solution for your needs. Order online from Home Detail today!

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