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Wooden Dining Set

Nothing completes a home like a wooden dining set. The dining table is made for eating meals but also represents a place where we come together with friends and family to connect and celebrate important milestones — and nothing adds warmth to a room quite like wood.

Shop online with Home Detail to enhance your home with a wooden dining table and matching chairs. Our range includes stylish designs that work with every aesthetic, whether you prefer modern and minimalistic or a more eclectic interior style.

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Turn a House into a Home with the Right Dining Set

A dining set is more than just functional furniture made for eating meals — you can transform an incomplete house into a dream home with the right dining set.

Plus, dining room furniture doesn't only have to be used in a dining room. A wooden dining set can upgrade a kitchen or add more seating in the living room. It can also be used to share a meal with family, play board games with friends, or even do some drawing or crafts.

Many contemporary homes are designed for open plan living, and the right dining set can play into this perfectly. Depending on the design you want and the atmosphere you are trying to create, you can either maintain the area's flow with a smaller corner set or use a traditional dining table and chairs to demarcate 'rooms' in the open plan spaces.

However you choose to display and use your new wooden dining table and chairs, your friends and family will certainly appreciate the look, feel and comfort it brings to your interiors.

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The Magic of Wood as a Dining Table Material

Wooden dining room furniture adds a completely different feel to an interior. This makes it a popular choice amongst homeowners and interior decorators.

When you opt for a dining set in wood, you are not stuck with colour choices limited to shades of brown. You can let the wood colour shine through or go for other colour combinations, effects and finishes. Its versatility to seamlessly fit into almost any interior style makes a dining table made from wood ideal for traditional or modern homes.

To complement your dining set, wooden flooring or cupboards in your dining area or kitchen in various shades of wood can bring a woody cohesion to the aesthetic of the space.

Alternatively, having your dining set as the only furniture boasting a material like wood can make your wooden dining table and chairs the main feature in the room.

Stylish & Sturdy

There is a reason that wooden furniture has been around almost since the beginning of time — its unique properties offer countless benefits that make it functional and fashionable.

No matter the colour or combination you go for, you can rest assured that a dining set in solid wood will serve its purpose with absolute finesse — because wood is durable, versatile, sustainable and easy to maintain, over and above being a stylish furniture material.

Together with being sturdy and durable, general cleaning and maintenance can be as simple as wiping it down with a soft cloth to avoid dust buildup.

The versatility of wood material is added to by its long-lasting makeup, as it will blend in with various kitchen or dining area designs. This allows you to move houses or apartments without needing to shop for a new dining table set each time, saving you time and money.

The rustic bench-style sets in our range are made from solid pine. With a solid wood dining set like these, you're guaranteed durability and style.

Dining Table & Chair Styles

Our wooden dining sets are available in various styles. Depending on the type of dining tables and chairs your set includes, you can have enough seating for six people or more.

All of the seats and dining chairs in our dining set collection will offer your guests comfort while they eat or chat — allowing them to enjoy your company as long as they wish.

The most common style choices are related to the type of seating included in your set. However, we also have a selection of standalone dining tables and dining chairs for you to put your own set together if you prefer a more creative or hands-on approach.

Our most popular dining set options include dining tables with matching chairs or benches.

Versatile Benches

For a wooden dining table set that is rustic & modern and stylish & functional, our dining sets with benches instead of chairs are an absolute game changer.

Rather than trying to match up the perfect chair to your chosen dining table, you can have complete convenience with these sets, including benches in the same material and colour as the table.

Many of these sets can fit into a corner, making them the ultimate space-saver for a home with a compact kitchen or small open plan dining and living room area.

With the benches in a corner shape surrounding a charming dining table, you will have a cosy nook for your family to enjoy each other's company daily — the perfect addition to your routine.

A wooden dining table with chairs or benches is the way to go for timeless furniture pieces that tick all the boxes. Browse our selection of dining sets made from wood to find the set for you!

Mix & Match Dining Chairs

If you want to add a bit of eccentricity to your dining space, we also stock individual chairs. Pair the wooden dining chairs of the set with upholstered seats for a combination that is sure to be a conversation starter when you have guests over for dinner.

Choose a chair with a complementary material or go for something completely unique by getting chairs in different styles.

When it comes to our range of dining sets, you will find styles that allow the dining table to be paired with individual chairs from our range, giving each a unique personality.

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