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Ometa Air Conditioner AC Unit, 9000BTU

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The Ometa Air air conditioner is the perfect option to efficiently regulate the temperature and humidity in the home. Available in 9000BTU, at Ometa, we pride ourselves in making good quality products all customers can enjoy. That is why our air conditioner comes with 2 window kit types for the exhaust hose, so that no matter your window style, you can use the Ometa Air. The Ometa Air can regulate your home conditions using the different modes: heating, cooling, dehumidifying, fan. Create the perfect conditions for your home whether it is warm Summer weather, or cold Winter weather. Operate the air conditioning system using the digital display, remote, Alexa/Google Assist or via the compatible app 'Smart Life'. Finished with high quality castor wheels, you can easily glide your air conditioner around the home with ease.


Our Ometa Air air conditioners have differing cooling capacities to suit all needs. Select between 7000BTU, 9000BTU or 12000BTU. BTU means British Thermal Unit. The larger the BTU the more powerful your air conditioner unit is. Please see our product dimensions for more information regarding heating capacity, air flow capacity, and recommended room size for each model.

Using the Ometa Air could not be easier with various modes such as cooling mode and heating mode. Switch between the various modes with a click of a button using the digital display, remote control or the 'Smart Life' app. This air conditioner is also Amazon Alexa and Google Assist compatible, which means you can operate the AC unit with your voice! There is a 24 hour timer setting on your Ometa Air conditioner where you can amend how long your air conditioner unit is on for.

Air conditioners must be installed to a window to ensure appropriate air flow and moisture drainage. We have created the Ometa Air with 2 types window exhaust hose fittings to suit all window types. Use the assembly guide (section 4.3) provided to help you choose which window kit suits your home best.

The air conditioner has an air filter that will help collect dust in the air. Dust will build up and the filter and restrict the airflow. We recommend you remove and clean the air filter every two weeks using a vacuum cleaner, then rinsing under a running tap. 



Cooling mode will lower the temperature in your room. Press the up and down buttons to adjust to your desired temperature. This can be set between 16°C and 32°C. In this mode you can also adjust the fan speed mode and control the air flow direction using the louvre. The air conditioner will stop automatically if the room temperature is lower than the selected temperature.

Heating mode will amend the temperature of the room by press the up and down buttons. You can also select the desired fan speed in this mode. Please note that the drainage hose should be attached to the unit for continuous operating.

Ventilation/Fan mode will help improve the ventilation with the fan speed. The room air will be circulated but not cooled down.

Drying mode enables you to reduce the humidity and moisture in a room. 

Sleep mode can be activated when in both cooling mode or heating mode. It will adjust the temperature in the room gradually based on the selected mode.


Benefits - Why Ometa Air?

The Ometa Air helps create unique in home conditions that suit your needs whatever the weather. Comfort is unique to each individual, that is why Ometa Air has the ability to adjust the fan speed, temperature and humidity.

High humidity, moisture and heat can cause a number of problems in the household and can be harmful to your health. An air conditioner/dehumidifier system can help lessen these issues by reducing the amount of moisture and dust in the air. It also helps reduce the heat levels to prevent heat stroke and dehydration in warm weather.

During warm weather, sleep conditions are altered and can cause a poor nights sleep. As humans we actually sleep better in cooler conditions, and Ometa Air can help keep your bedroom cool with good air flow for a good nights sleep.

Standard air conditioners or fans only focus on the keeping you and your home cool when it is warm outside. However, our Ometa Air conditioner has a unique function where you can also use this in the colder months by increasing the temperature!

A portable air conditioner is in our opinion better than a hard-wired air conditioner. Not only can hard wired units be an eye sore, but you can move your portable air conditioner around the home where it is needed most.

This AC unit is Smart Life App compatible for ease of usage. You can also set it up so you can operate your AC unit using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assist device.

  • Regulates Room Temperature
  • Wifi/"Smart Life" App Compatible
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assist Compatible
  • 9000BTU
  • Fan, Cooling, Heating and Dehumidifying Function
  • Temperature Setting and Display
  • Electronic Control
  • Timer/Sleep Mode
  • Self-Evaporating System
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto Restart
  • Auto Defrosting
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Fan Speed
  • 2 Window Kit Options
  • Louvre Controlled Air Flow Direction
  • Castor Wheels
  • UK Certified



9000BTU 38cm x 35.6cm x 87.5cm

NOTE: Some of our sofas/sofa beds do not have pre-drilled holes, you may be required to screw in the legs to the underside of the sofa/sofa bed”

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