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Behind closed doors: A guide to Picking the right wardrobe for your space

Choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom can be a daunting task. In this article, we will delve into the main questions to ask when selecting a wardrobe, the different types of wardrobes that could suit different purposes and finally, how to maximise functionality to get the most out of the piece you choose.

Understanding your bedroom space and assessing your storage needs

It’s important to assess the space in your bedroom before selecting a wardrobe. Firstly, measure the space, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a large floor space in front of where the wardrobe will go, or is there furniture immediately in front of it, for example, a bed?

  • Do you have a mirror in your bedroom already? 

  • Do you want drawers in your wardrobe?

  • How many people is the wardrobe accommodating?

  • What is the purpose of the wardrobe within the space? Eg, a guest room, a children’s room or the main bedroom?

    Types of wardrobes

    There are a huge range of wardrobes available. See the various types of wardrobes we stock here, with a highlight of our best sellers below!

    2 door with single large drawer

    This is a great stand-alone piece which definitely holds it’s own within the space. These types of wardrobes are a standard size which is versatile for a large amount of spaces.

    2 door sliding wardrobe

    This option is fantastic if you don’t have much floor space in front of your wardrobe or don’t want to accommodate opening doors. For example, doors could be a hazard if you have young children or a wheelchair. 

    This particular piece comes with a built-in full-length mirror which ticks off another furniture item on your bedroom checklist!

    1 door wardrobe

    If your space is smaller, or its purpose is a spare bedroom, so only needs to accommodate guests, perhaps a single door unit is preferable. This will mean there is more space for a more social vibe like a reading corner with armchair and side table.

    Single door wardrobes are also great for children’s bedrooms as you can add additional hanging rails to maximise the length of the unit.

    3 door wardrobe with 2 drawers

      If you’re accommodating for more than 1 person’s clothing, maybe a 3 door unit with additional storage is the one for you - or perhaps you just like having all your outfits ready to go when you're on the go, the extra space really helps.

      Maximising functionality

      • Use thin velvet hangers to avoid wasting space on the rail.

      • Only hang lightweight clothes such as dresses, t-shirts, blouses, dress shirts or easily wrinkled bottoms. The only exception to this is suit jackets.
        • Fold and stack heavier items like jumpers and jeans.
          • Use hooks on the inside of the wardrobe door to hang ties, necklaces, scarves, and small handbags.
            • Use drawer dividers to separate underwear and socks. It keeps everything neat and it’s clear when you’re running low!
              • Add another clothing rail to double the quantity of clothing that the wardrobe can accommodate. This will come in handy if the space is smaller but needs to accommodate more people such as children sharing a bedroom.
                • Ask yourself ‘am I going to wear this in the next 3 months?’ if the answer is ‘no’ store it in a vacuum-packed bag and keep it in your loft or under your bed.

                By considering your space, storage, and functionality needs, you can confidently choose a wardrobe that not only serves its purpose but enhances the overall feel of your bedroom. Take your time, explore your options, and enjoy the process of creating the perfect storage solution for your personal space.

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