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New Beginnings: Must Have Furniture Checklist for Your First Home

Moving into a new home, whether renting or buying, can be a right nuisance and a little overwhelming at times. There’s so many things to think about, and that’s before you even pick up the keys!

Usually the biggest investment when kitting out the new pad is the furniture, but luckily here at Home Detail we have you covered with a range of affordable yet high quality furniture to suit all your needs.

We’ll take you through the absolute essentials only, so that you can focus on what you need and the likely cost of it all, and like everybody who makes this transition, the smaller accessories can come over time as you settle into your new surroundings.

Living Room


Sofa: The central seating piece and probably one of the first things you need to consider. Check out our top tips for choosing the perfect sofa.

TV Stand: Probably the only other living room must have, after all, nothing beats a night in with your loved ones in front of the box!


Bookshelves and Storage: Depending on how much stuff you already have will dictate if this is a must have or not.

Coffee Table: A functional and stylish centrepiece - need to know how to pick the right one for your space? We got you with our styling tips.

Accent Chairs: Additional seating for guests is always going to be key, but let’s face it, it’s not necessary as you can often borrow chairs from other rooms.



Bed: The most used piece of furniture in the home (alongside mattress of course). We can take you through how to know which frame is right for you in our guide to choosing the right bed frame.

Mattress: Probably the most crucial first purchase - so rest assured you’re in good hands as we have a fantastic Mattress to suit all needs!

Wardrobe: For quite a while you can often get away with just a wardrobe for storage, especially if it is a double and has drawers along the bottom as well - like our Kendal Range!


Drawers: Crucial for adding space for all your clothes, and also for completing the look of the room. EXPERT TIP = Buy a set to match the wardrobes for a clean finish.

Nightstands: To hold essentials inside as well as table lamps, phone whilst it’s charging and a glass of water for bed. Again you can get this to match the wardrobes and drawers.

Spare Room / Office


Desk and Chair: If it’s a spare room, most people need some space at home to work nowadays so a desk and chair is a no brainer. Working from home a lot? 5 Tips to Designing you Ultimate Home Office.

Sofa Bed: If you often have guests or need the extra bed space, then a sofa bed can save you the space whilst still giving you the extra sleeping arrangement. 


Storage Solutions: Shelves or cabinets for guest storage is useful but not essential, especially if it is often a flying visit of 2/3 days or less.



Patio Furniture: Comfortable seating for outdoor relaxation and making the most of the great British summer!


Outdoor Dining Set: If you want al fresco dining then this may be a must, though we often find people are fine standing or sitting on other furniture when its BBQ season.

Sun Umbrella: Protection from the sun can be important, though this is often a later addition once you’ve settled in.

Storage: For outdoor equipment storage - think of a storage box or perhaps even something more permanent like a shed.


Ultimately your personal situation will dictate what is a must have and what isn't, though we would say that you would want at least the below:

And the best thing of all is that good quality doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Here at Home Detail you could get all of the above for under £1,500!!

Your dream home is closer than you think so why not check out our full range of furniture today!

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