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Your Dream Bed Awaits: A Guide to Choosing the Right Bed Frame

Most people focus on the mattress when they think of a good night's sleep, but nearly as much thought should be given to the bed frame that sits underneath the mattress. This is because of a multitude of factors, ranging from a slatted bed that allows some give to the mattress through to a divan bed that perhaps offers superior storage options alongside the firmer feel.

In this post we want to help you consider what is important when you choose your new bed frame in hope to make sure that you can make the most informed decision. At Home Detail we’re not just about providing great value products, but ensuring that each customer of ours chooses the right one for them!

Understanding Your Sleep Needs

Now we’re not trained health professionals, but we can confidently say that a good night's sleep can only be beneficial to both short and long term health. Making sure that you have a suitable bed frame (and mattress of course) is a big part of the puzzle that we hope to help you out with.

People sleep differently. Some are side sleepers that awake at the slightest sound, others back sleepers that almost feel like they need a fog horn to wake them every morning. It’s important to know how you sleep to know how to work out what the right bed frame & mattress combo is for you. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re a side sleeper you’ll need some give and likely want a softer mattress, back and front sleepers may like something a bit firmer.

Types of Bed Frames

Knowing how you sleep and whether you like soft or firm is one thing, but that is easy to shop for with mattresses - how does this translate into deciding which type of bed frame you need?

Divan & platform bed frames offer firm support, so you’d need the mattress to do more work on softening things up if you prefer that sinking in feeling. Slatted beds, often offering more style choices, have a slight give with the slats, so you can get an even softer feel when you tuck in at nighttime.

Of course, comfort isn’t everything, you want to think about style as well. Consider things like fabric used, colour matching the room, design and of course storage space. Each of these areas will be dictated by personal preference, though with our large range of options you’re sure to find something that ticks all the right boxes.

Size and Space Considerations

Everybody wants more space to lay down and spread out, but you need to think about how choosing the ride bed frame can affect the balance of the room, as well as ease of fitting in other important furniture like wardrobes or an office desk.

As a general rule, below are standard sizings, but check each frame for specifics:

Single beds (3ft) 90cm x 190cm.

Small double beds (4ft) 120cm x 190cm

Double beds (4ft 6in) 135cm x 190xm.

King Size beds (5ft) 150cm x 200cm.

Super king beds (5ft 10in) 180cm x 200cm.

Whilst bigger is often better when it comes to sleep quality, you don’t need to overdo it on size, a standard double bed is more than enough room for two people, and if you’re in a smaller space, or need to utilise it for other needs then don’t go too large.

Storage Solutions

A bed frame doesn’t have to be just that, you can either have stuff shoved under your bed in a disorderly fashion, or perhaps you could choose a bed frame that comes with built-in storage to make it a little more organised. Having storage space as part of your bed is a great way to make the most out of small bedroom spaces, and perhaps could be the only way you are able to fit more than a single into that box room you’re furnishing.

Whether you go for drawers that are built in, a gas lift bed with space underneath you can see easily or a standard frame, considering total storage within your space is going to be key, and whilst many people go for style over substance, often the bed frame is one piece of furniture where substance wins out.

Budget-Friendly Options

Whilst we are passionate about all things furniture, including bed frames, we must admit that if there is going to be an area where you can perhaps decide to spend less, a bed frame could definitely be it.

Whilst we have talked through many considerations, we are still acutely aware of the current economic climate and we want to make sure that we provide you with options that give you what you need without breaking the bank. That’s why we have great deals on single beds starting at £89 and double beds from £99 - so check out our full range today!

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