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Sofa by Day, Bed by Night: Maximising Space with Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used to maximise your living space. Either in the living room or office space, having dual purpose rooms is becoming increasingly popular since the working from home order in 2020 to the now diverse working world we have today.

Benefits of Sofa Beds

There are some great practical advantages to having a sofa bed. The first being you can increase the number of guests you can host overnight! Smaller flats and houses may have 1 or 2 bedrooms and they may already be taken up by children or a home office. If the room is already occupied, a sofa bed in the living room as the main sofa will increase the versatility of the room and enable you to host people overnight. Having a sofa bed in the home office also does this without impacting space in the main living area. There are so many options for sofa beds, here are a couple of our favourites…


Windsor Collection Sofa Bed- Blue Velvet
Sarnia 3 Seater Sofa Bed Fabric Padded Sofabed With 2 Cushions, Charcoal


Choosing the Right Sofa Bed

It’s best to start with the material - fabric, velvet, leather or faux leather? The best thing to pick is something that already matches with other furniture. The next thing to consider is does it fit in with your lifestyle? If you have a cat, you may not want a leather sofa bed for fear of damage to the material. If you have a dog, you may not want a fabric one as it could be more difficult to de-fur! Finally, how many people do you want the bed to fit? Once you have chosen these things, it’s time to pick your style…

Stylish Designs for Different Spaces

Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes from 1 to 3 seaters. Most sofa beds where the back of the sofa clicks down and lays flat to make the mattress will fit 1 adult or 2 children. Check out the Brighton or Belmont range for our top picks!

The Devon series is a beautiful fabric sofa range that is a 3 seater sofa when upright and a spacious double bed with laying flat. It also has a section you can pull out to make the sofa a chaise lounge! That’s 3 ways to have this sofa bed!


Devon 3 Seater Storage Pocket Chaise Pull Out Fabric Grey Velvet Sofa Bed


If you have space for an armchair in your living room, why not swap it out for a single futon! The Kendal velvet sofa bed is a beautiful mid century modern meets Scandinavian stylish piece that unfolds to a single size bed. Any extra space? We’d recommend the Madison style for a more spacious single bed when unfolded.

Space-Saving Tips

If you need even more space saved in your room, then how about one with extra storage? The Dorset range has a chaise lounge with ottoman style storage so you can house extra blankets, pillows and bedding for your overnight guests. 


Dorset 3 Seater Pull-Out Reversible Chaise Sofa Bed, Grey Velvet


Maintenance and Care Tips

When looking to clean your sofa bed, check the tag for cleaning instructions. The tag will likely say either W, WS, S, or X.​​ You’re good-to-go with DIY cleaning solutions if the sofa says W or WS, but you shouldn't use any DIY methods if it says S or X.

W means you can use a water-based cleaner

WS means you can use either a water-based cleaner or a commercial solvent. 

S means you can only use a solvent and shouldn’t attempt a DIY cleaning method.

X means you can only vacuum the sofa. You can damage the material if you try cleaning it with a solution.


The best way to go about selecting a sofa bed that’s right for you is to consider the material, your lifestyle, how many people you want to be able to host and finally, how much space there is! We have a huge range of sofa beds to browse, visit our collection here to see more!

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